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Dehydration can reduce libido and cause pain

If you do not get enough water, your body can respond in a number of ways, such as headaches, sleep problems or dry skin. One of the most astonishing signs of dehydration, however, means sexual life both physically and emotionally.

Fatigue, irritability, problems with erection or vaginal dryness are some of the side effects that do not stay properly hydrated. Therefore drink plenty of water can be used in many ways.

It turns out that drinking water and stress levels are closely related. The body needs the fluid to function efficiently and if it is scarce This can affect the whole body.

The 2011 study a British Journal of Nutrition they found that mild dehydration affects the cognitive performance and mood of young men, showing anxiety and tension even if you're resting. Other studies have shown that the same effect on women is due to water shortage.

Other works include low water absorption leads to an increase in cortisol, a stress related hormone. Anxiety is one of the biggest enemies of sex, so if it happens, the frequency with which there are close links decreases.

Of course, the consumption of more water does not magically reduce the level of stress, but it helps the body to treat external stressors. And the less stressed, there is more chance that libido will rise.

Headache reduces sexual desire.
Headache reduces sexual desire.

One of the most common symptoms of dehydration is a headache, which interferes with the desire to maintain intimate relationships. Therefore, it is recommended that you drink water and do not let the headache obstruct the joy.

Drying on dry skin and your inner area may be affected. The vagina should be well lubricated before the penetration occurs in the sexual relationship, but it may cause discomfort and pain.

Lack of water in the body reduces the elasticity of the vaginal walls, which is a vaginal dryness, inside and outside, as well as difficulty natural lubrication.

This is a shortage of hydration as well affects the ability to reach orgasm. The body needs oxygen to function, and as much as it can, it is more willing.

by Healthline, there is a relationship between dehydration and erectile dysfunction. Oxygen is required to reach and maintain the erection, as these genitals need adequate blood flow. When the level of fluid in the body is reduced, angiotensin, a hormone that can cause vascular contraction, is released. This prevents the flow of blood throughout the body, including the penis.

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