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Ocampo has paid for broken glass The minister is obliged to …

After a failed security operation with the suspension of the finalization of the Copa Libertadores, the Interior Buenos Aires Security Secretary Martín Ocampo, who left as the head of the Buenos Aires prosecutors, resigned. The official unsuccessfully tried to take responsibility for the federal forces involved in the operation, who responded to Patricia Bullrich. President Mauricio Macri directed this debate to the minister. Instead, and just a few days before the G20 summit, Diego Santilli will swear, who will be both a government deputy and a justice and security minister. Security Secretary Marcelo D Alessandro confirmed his position.

Bullrich and Ocampo blamed each other for the omission on the weekend. They reported from the city that the events were in 3rd Ring Security, which corresponds to the Prefecture, a force that reports to the minister. Following the conversation with President, Larreta left the responsibility for what had happened. This was the beginning of Ocampo's end, which Larreta confirmed less than 24 hours ago. Something changed in the middle.

Macri, yesterday, Chief of Staff Marcos Peña took over the official responsible for returning the Buenos Aires officials: "Responsibility is the responsibility of the city, but we are members of the same team," said the coordinating minister.

Before taking the resignation decision, Alessandro's security secretary tried to reduce her inner voice. He said, "It is not the question of being subjected or pointing, but we are responsible," emphasized Alessandro, noting that at the place where the boca junior players were attacked by a moving bus, he did not stop "people who concentrated in a corner and" surpassed "security.

Later, Ocampo, the favorite lawyer of Boca Angelici, who is the godfather of one of his sons, became known. Ocampo was a lawyer in Buenos Aires, where he was promoted to Macro over charges of illegal espionage and a criminal investigation committee in which he was politically condemned. At the Australian University, originally from the radicals of origin, Ocampo did not hesitate to use all the gadgets to defend his political leader, who has now been liberated. He behaved like a real soldier.

Ocampo then took over the position of the attorney general of the city, from where he promoted the politics of the macrosis against street sales. Larreta was dismissed as the head of the prosecutor's office and took over the Minister of Justice and Security, a position in which he spent nearly three years in which Patricia Bullrich was arguing for the control of demonstrations: Bullrich sought more repression.

"Some guns had to leap," he confirmed the decision in the Buenos Aires government, where the majority interpreted Ocampo as Bullrich's victory. "He had to stop the pressure production," Parque Patricios made clear. However, if Ocampo maintained a rule other than the Secretary of Defense, he was not only willing to do so, but also Larreta's decision not to be the first line of rebellion against the demonstrators, which could be a barrier to a political career (everyone knows: Larreta dreams of the presidency). The future of Ocampo was not written: as he was licensed in the prosecutor's office, he could redirect the power of the state of Buenos Aires, which until now led Luis Cevasco to the leadership. She did not respond in her environment if she wanted to go back to this position.

Santilli – as an important leader of Cambiemos – will take over the ministry, and as a continuation of the Deputy Secretary-General, the Minister of Defense will counterbalance the city's discussion and pressure.

Larreta introduced a second press conference in which he stated: "I have accepted Ocampo's resignation. I appreciate the commitment of the past years." He gave a positive assessment of his leadership and did not give up his resignation.

"The government's highest political ambassador, Diego Santilli, will be a security minister," the head of government said. He indicated that the officer in charge of the head of government would be the task of another officer, secretary of civil development, Matias López. "I confirm my vocation to follow thoroughly the struggle against barrabravas, and I see with good eyes that Justice is investigating. Justice must go down," said Larreta, who said he was welcomed by the Congressional Anti-Violence Initiative. "I believe the President's decision to stick to the law against the Extraordinary Stripes," Larreta insisted. For its part, Santilli said, "We will reaffirm the comprehensive security plan. For us, the comprehensive security plan is our most important task."

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