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Tarique Rahman also asks Skype's nominees

Tarique Rahman uses interviews with Skype candidates: Party Speaker Tarique Rahman is interviewing BNP candidates on Skype from London on the third day after the interview and Laxmipur-3 candidate Shahiduddin Chowdhury Annie confirmed on Tuesday (November 20th) by Tribune Anla. Despite Skype's closure in the country, he claimed that Tareq Rahman was involved with Skype.

Earlier, hoping to nominate the Feni-1 constituency. Shahriar said, "Through videoconferencing, the acting president and the members of the Nomination Committee said that as part of the movement we are taking part in the next elections, local people have to link this choice, everyone who works on behalf of the party must be in the job. # 39;

On the other hand, BNP Vice President Abdul Awal Mintu has collected the entry form of Khaleda Zia in the Feni-1 constituency. For that matter, Dr. Shahriar said, "I do not choose Madam if I choose. If you do not choose, I will choose from the Feni-1 chair.

Former Secretary of Party Secretary Abdul Latif Jony, who was in the Feni-3 constituency as a hopeful candidate. The Bangla Tribune told me that in the last 12 years I was in touch with Trinamool, what was the contribution – through videoconferencing – the party's president Tarique Rahman asked him for information. I answered in response. "The election further increases the intensity of the movement," said Johnny.

He said, "I'm 100 percent optimistic about getting a mark. But the party who will appoint us will work together on behalf of him.

It should be noted that Tarique Rahman, who took part in Skype on November 18 and 19, London, asked the BNP chairman of the Gulshan office candidate. The matter was widely discussed in political circles. The electoral committee was informed of the governor Awami League. The Electoral Commission says they have nothing to do with talking to Skype Tarek.
Then Monday night, Skype-based Internet service was shut down in the country. The telecommunications regulatory body has asked the Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission (BTRC) to stop the service without disclosing the names. However, BTRC does not recognize the decision to stop Skype. According to the state-owned company, such problems may arise due to technical difficulties.

According to BNP sources, the Chittagong and Sylhet divisions and Comilla's organizers' interviews started Tuesday morning. The BNP is nominated by Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, member of the Standing Committee, Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain and other members of the Standing Committee, including lawyer Moudud Ahmed. Earlier, on November 18 and 19, BNP completed interviews with Rangpur, Rajshahi, Barisal and Khulna departments. This process will be held on Wednesday (November 21st) by interviewees of the Mimensingh Division, the Dhaka Division and the Faridpur Organizational Division.

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