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The forum requires suspension of payments

The EU institutions, together with the state government, must submit a document containing seven proposals for delays in paying Rio Grande do Norte employees. One of them is the "closure of the state money" for suppliers to pay. The proposals have already been reported to the head of the civil office, Tatiana Mendes Cunha, and will be official on Wednesday. At a meeting sponsored after protesting around 300 delegates in the governement, MEPs were informed that the government will continue to pay wages without any prospects.

The servers met with the government and claimed that they did not have a payment prospect

The servers met with the government and claimed that they did not have a payment prospect

Officials also suggest the transfer of the twelfths necessary to pay the officials of the Court, the Legislative Assembly, the Public Prosecutor's Office and the State Audit Office. Another proposal by the executive authority is the "Re-negotiation of 10% energy sources from 2019" and "immediate compensation of the budget surplus". The other measure sought is the release of the entire TJRN officials from the State's oil and gas exploration royalties, $ 162 million.

According to the servers, these necessary measures for the October payment schedule (to open R $ 5,000 for servers), November and December this year, as well as other payments for the 13th, 2017, are still outstanding. So far, employees who received more than 5,000 R $ were not paid in full in the 13th day of 2017. They account for 15% of the functionality, which counts 112,000 server pages.

Discussions on the payment of the staff sheet have become more frequent since February 2016. The current management has no prospect of paying the remaining three payrolls in just a month, which would be your responsibility – an amount that could also be $ 1.4 billion. According to the Transparency Portal data, RTS $ 10.04 billion was collected by November this year, an estimated 81.86% of the R $ 12.2 billion of R $ this year.

Raimundo Alnie Júnior, economist, one of the co-ordinators of the transition team of the new leadership, may have some of the payments under the responsibility of the next government based on the results so far. The team, however, continues to believe that current leadership can remove the remaining problems. "It is possible, but we think the current government is trying to resolve as many pending issues as possible," Raimundo says.

Servers protested outside the government. The president of the RN Civic Police Association (Sinpol-RN), Nilton Arruda, the protest and the meeting brought "more frustration". "In addition to no positive news, there was still this negative question that the payment is the 2017 tenth, then we can not do unless you have an extra collection, such as this bank transaction royalties. If there is no such thing , it is not possible to remove open mail. "He asked for the thirtieth day of 2018 that Nilton Arruda was an objective:" just a dream ", revealing that 60% of agents and administrators in the category and 100% of delegates were open at the 13th of 2017.

According to the law, the health workers of the different public security segments, such as the civil police and the prisons, have participated in other categories of public security in Rio Grande do Norte (UERN) and in other categories that have not been paid.

"Sixty percent of security officers have not yet arrived in the 13th year compared to last year, we are unprepared to receive this year and the remaining payments." Government is one of the reasons for this delay in delaying social security shortages and low collection rates for months and months, no improvement in the social security deficit or improvement of the collection has been implemented without new strategies, "says Nilton Arruda of Synpoll.

Another category appears in large numbers in the protest by the governors' servants, the retired. In his speech, the coordinator of Rosalia Figueredo of the Union of Health Services (Sindsaúde) criticized the attitude of the government to pensioners. "The previously proposed agreements ignored this category that deserves respect," he said.

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