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Big night at Bombers Adam Bighill on CFL Awards

He spent a great night with Adam Bighill.

The central lineback of Winnipeg Blue Bombers proved that the biggest off-season acquisition of the Canadian football league – despite being signed by Johnny Manziel on the same day – after winning the Shaw CFL prize in Edmonton's Winspear Center on Thursday.

This was the second time in the seven seasons in the CFL, Central Washington's product was named the champion's main defender after being in the BBC in 2015. Points of interest.

After the 2017 season, the New Orleans Saints National Football League, the 30-year-old Montesano, WA, returned to the triple loop and signed a one-year contract with Bombers.

And he did not waste a minute, 105 treatments, four bags, two captives and four forced seals.

"I went down to the NFL, it was a good experience. It was not the best, because I'm here, is not it?" Bighill said, adding that Tampa Bay Buccaneers had refused to return north. "But the only thing I understood was that I came here and amused the football.

"I could easily say that I wanted to push and work here, but I knew I had the opportunity to come back here and go back to what I do and have fun. So it was great to come back and do what he likes.


While Bighill received all six votes, but Hamilton Tiger-Cats linebacker Larry Dean, the most rigorous race was decided by only four votes.

Ottawa Redblacks Buyer Brad Sinopoli won his second most outstanding Canadian prize, Winnipeg Andrew Harrist.

Sinopoli has introduced a new Canadian record of 116 bets to reach 1,376 meters, the four touchdowns and the 486 yard leading championship titles.

Another result on Thursday would have done nothing to eliminate the taste of losing the West Division finals from Harris's mouth, especially after the Stampeders were blocked from the final zone.

"I'm always sour on everything because I care about the guys so close to each other," said Harris, whose name was. "And I felt that this was the group that they did it. I've been in every Gray Cup since I was here in this tournament and as a spectator, because I won it first, but that's very different.

"Just resonate with me that I felt that after playing the game was a real feeling, but it's over, you can not do anything now and just try to get the best out of the weekend and enjoy your time with my bride here and all the festivities."

Winnipeg's five-legged, 202-key champion has 239 times 1390 yards and eight touchdowns – all career opportunities – 451 yards and three touches for eight seasons.

"Yes, he is a huge player, a great man," Sinopoli said. "I was not a teammate with him, but everything I hear is the guy he wants to play with.

"He's a good racer, he's relentless in the field and in every game.

"Playing, playing, it's hard to do it. It gets a lot of touch, it has many abuses and it never seems to slow down.


It's hard to imagine anything in the 2018 season that Bo Levi Mitchell could not win on Sunday.

But this did not prevent the Calgary Stampeders from winning the race and Redblacks in the Gray Cup finals after his second most outstanding player career.

The 28-year-old Katy champion thrown 5111 yards while driving the championship with his career high 35-thread touchdown to win the 13th win of Stampeders and get 47 votes to 13 of Hamilton's tiger cats Jeremiah Masoli.

Additional points: Winnipeg named Stanley Bryant's name as the most prominent offensive liner for the second time in so many seasons … Redblacks rookie Lewis Ward became the second player in the history of CFL to find both the best special team prizes and the most prominent newcomer. Field Reaches 98.1 Percent (51 in 52) … BC Rebels Rolly Lumbala Won the Jake Gaudaur Veterans Award … Edmonton Eskimo Ryan King's Long-Sleeved Won Tom Pate Memorial Day for outstanding sporting events on track and track.


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2018 CFL outstanding candidates:


Winner: Bo Levi Mitchell (CGY)

Runner Up: Jeremiah Masoli (HAM)


Winner: Adam Bighill (WPG)

Runner Up: Larry Dean (HAM)


Winner: Brad Sinopoli (OTT)

Runner Up: Andrew Harris (WPG)


Winner: Stanley Bryant (WPG)

Runner Up: Brandon Revenberg (HAM)


Winner: Lewis Ward (OTT)

Runner Up: Ty Long (BC)


Winner: Lewis Ward (OTT)

Runner Up: Jordan Williams-Lambert (SSK)


Winner: Chris Jones (SSK)

Runner Up: Rick Campbell (OTT)

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