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Erik Solheim, UN head of environmental protection, underestimates

UN Environmental OIOS report

UN Environmental OIOS report

Erik Solheim, Prime Minister of the former Norwegian Government and leader of the Socialist Left party, admitted to making mistakes about how he tried to save the climate in the travel business. Newspaper Aftenposten Tuesday afternoon reported that the UNEP chief has now decided to resign after spending half a million dollars on the trip during the first 22 months.

Erik Solheim they are also accused of being dictatorial and abusive United Nations resources, which made it possible to pay back various amounts.

Guterres said he was grateful for Solheim's service and acknowledged that he had led the attention of the driver to raise awareness of critical environmental challenges.

Solheim's deputy, Joyce Msuya the United Nations Secretary-General in Tanzania, while the Secretary-General tries to find Solheim's successor, the spokesman said.

In a report, The New York Times that the inspection of the official voyage by the UN Internal Audit Service "aimed at the unfulfilled flight routes, chose the more expensive airlines, the implementation of telework arrangements outside the current policy on flexible labor agreements".

The Guardian also showed that Solheim had to retire in September with his wife and a Norwegian company, which shortly concluded a Unep contract in April. In some countries, they said they had withheld the funding from the organization because they were not dissatisfied with their behavior and threatened their money.

According to published reports, Solheim has been criticized for its large-scale travel and management style, which has led some Scandinavian and other countries to withstand the donor-funded UNEP contribution until the criticisms are answered.

The crew was also concerned about the $ 500,000 sponsorship that Solheim agreed to give Volvo Ocean Race, even though it was not on the VOR sponsor's website or announced by Unep.

United Nations environmental leader Erik Solheim resigned after a wide-ranging criticism of excessive costs of official global travel. "The implementation of various things is never easy and I will leave, knowing that I never spared a moment in my effort to realize this vision and make the UN Environment better and more effective."

When OIOS auditors asked for 76 days in Oslo (Norway) and Paris (France) Erik Solheim e-mail: "We do not accept this question about vacation and work … we are no longer in the industrial age and we have to stop working like a 07-16 factory worker … the other side is that you do not have to stop this the stupid question. "The resignation will come into effect on November 22. Employees emailed on Monday: "We have agreed and committed ourselves to a series of principles [to] direct how we work and interact with each other ".

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