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The shootings on the motorway were fired 8 years ago with a gunfire

Eight years before Hailey Dugay was murdered on Manitoba's Interlake pebble road, he was accused of accusing the trigger of pulling a firearm near a nearby motorway.

Dugay, 20, died after sitting in the vehicle he was stationed on Kuz Road in the western part of Gimli on Saturday night. The police said more shots were being made to the vehicles.

Jesse Paluk (23) is responsible for second degree murder, seven times for a homicide attempt and a number of armed charges, including a vehicle intended to fire with a gun. None of the cases have been proven in court.

In March 2010, when Paluk was 14, he and a friend went to school at the Teulon Collegiate along the 17th freeway when shooting a shotgun from a passing vehicle.

Within the vehicle there were three boys, 15-16 years old, who also attended school.

"A pile of my son's eyes and neck and then his forearm collided when he covered his face," said Paluk's father Doug after the shooting at CBC.

"Her boyfriend was saddened with the back – just like my son, on the back of his feet when he turned around."

Teulon is 34 km south of Gimli.

Doug Paluk said at the time when another incident occurred two days later, when three boys broke through his son.

The Interlake School Division said when the responsible students were disciplined and the talks still find ways to make Paluk and the other teenagers feel safe. School officials did not provide details of the measures taken at the time, citing data privacy concerns.

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