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WASHINGTON – Kirstjen Nielsen, the homeland security secretary, will be pressed on Wednesday.

Ms. Nielsen, who will testify before the House, was responsible for pushing it.

Representative Lauren Underwood, Ms. Nielsen, Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Accountable for Her Decisions.

Ms. Underwood said. It was either she was negligent, unaware or knew the effects on the children. None of those options are acceptable. ”

The practice of "zero tolerance" immigration policy that drew swift condemnation after it was publicly announced last spring,

Around the time, Ms. Nielsen re-denied that the Department of Homeland Security has a policy of routinely separating migrant children. During a news conference in June at the White House, she said she was offended by a child.

Attacked enormous public pressure.

Ms. Nielsen is the most prominent source of customs and border protection that has been released since Tuesday. That's more than the same period last year. She is also looking forward to the medical care the agency offers migrants.

Ms. Nielsen has been the subject of Mr. Trump's ire over illegal immigration and border security.

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Trump Pushed John Kelly, Don McGahn to Give Ivanka a Security Clearance https://aazor.com/unitedstates/trump-pushed-john-kelly-don-mcgahn-to-give-ivanka-a-security-clearance/ Wed, 06 Mar 2019 09:50:53 +0000 https://aazor.com/unitedstates/trump-pushed-john-kelly-don-mcgahn-to-give-ivanka-a-security-clearance/

President Donald Trump reportedly pressured his then Chief of Staff John Kelly and White House Counsel Don McGahn to give his daughter, Ivanka Trump, a clearance clearance for their recommendations. Citing three sources, CNN reports that concerns the Ivanka the clearance were first raised by the White House personnel security office. The President reportedly found Kelly and McGahn to approve of the Ivanka and her husband — Jared Kushner — but they both reportedly refused. Trump is then said to have the clearances himself.

While Ivanka recently told ABC News that it was "feasible" Ivanka was "a feasible" Ivanka was "unavailable" her one. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told CNN that the White House did not comment on security clearances. The White House also reportedly denounced the question of the security clearance process.

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Trump Organization's underwriting in New York: Source https://aazor.com/unitedstates/trump-organizations-underwriting-in-new-york-source/ Wed, 06 Mar 2019 09:12:24 +0000 https://aazor.com/unitedstates/trump-organizations-underwriting-in-new-york-source/

Insurance Regulator in New York

The Subpoena, The New York State Department of Financial Services, familiar with the matter.

The Department of Financial Services declined to comment.

PHOTO: Michael Cohen, the former attorney, and fixer for President Donald Trump testifies before the House Oversight Committee on Capitol Hill, Feb 27 2019, in Washington, D.C. Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images
Michael Cohen, the former attorney, and fixer for President Donald Trump testifies before the House Oversight Committee on Capitol Hill, Feb 27 2019, in Washington, D.C.

There is no indication of the company 's insurance policies.

The Department of Financial Services inquiries may be used as a basis for a prosecution.

PHOTO: The exterior of the Trump Tower skyscraper at 5th Avenue and 56th Street, Aug 24, 2013, in New York City.Waring Abbott / Getty Images, FILE
The Trump Tower skyscraper at 5th Avenue and 56th Street, Aug 24, 2013, in New York City.

The Subpoena of the Trump and the Trump Organization from 2009 is the subpoena.

Aon told ABC News in a statement. "We do not comment on specific client matters."

The White House and the Trump Organization did not return ABC News' request for comment.

Cohen's bombshell testimony last week is also due to the three-year-old, according to three Democratic aides. During the Cohen's testimony before the House Oversight Committee, they suggested that they should be taxed.

ABC News' Tara Palmeri contributed to this report.

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Missing baby found deceased, mother taken to hospital – Local News https://aazor.com/unitedstates/missing-baby-found-deceased-mother-taken-to-hospital-local-news/ Wed, 06 Mar 2019 07:13:31 +0000 https://aazor.com/unitedstates/missing-baby-found-deceased-mother-taken-to-hospital-local-news/

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – The 3-month-old baby is dead and her mother is in the hospital after being missing for more than 30 hours.

Police say the mother, Rachel McAfee, is being treated for "Cold-related injuries", at the coroner investigates how her infant daughter, Emma, ​​died.

Investigators are calling for a criminal investigation and plan to question McAfee when they can.

According to police, someone who lived in the neighborhood called police just before 3 p.m. Tuesday is a 2600 block of Standford Court that seemed out of place.

When police got on scene, they found Rachel McAfee and her 3-month-old daughter Emma.

"The medics pronounced the infant deceased here on the scene," received IMPD Commander Chris Bailey.

McAfee's husband, John, spoke with Eyewitness News just a few hours before getting the tragic news about his baby girl.

John McAfee said he realized his wife and daughter were missing wife Emma off at his parents Monday morning as expected. They got his wife also missed a meeting scheduled for 11 that morning.

"My biggest concern is my daughter. She's only three months old. Obviously, she's not the best fit mentally, currently, that's a big concern," John McAfee said earlier Tuesday , before the tragic discovery of his daughter.

According to McAfee, his wife had been struggling with depression.

"She had a little bit of depression going on."

Monday morning, though, John McAfee got his wife's eyes fine.

"Just a normal conversation. Just, 'Hey. Love you. See you later'," they recalled. "Gave each other a kiss and walked out the door."

Hours later, McAfee and other family members were brought to the neighborhood where Rachel and Emma McAfee were found.

John McAfee wasn't allowed near the car.

"It's not something we can allow it to happen," said Bailey.

Police don't know what brought Rachel McAfee to a neighborhood 20 miles away from her east side home, but got relatives live nearby.

Bailey said.

At this point, investigators aren't saying how baby Emma died. Rachel McAfee.

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CBP: System at breakpoint where more than 76,000 immigrants cross or accept illegally last month https://aazor.com/unitedstates/cbp-system-at-breakpoint-where-more-than-76000-immigrants-cross-or-accept-illegally-last-month/ Wed, 06 Mar 2019 04:36:45 +0000 https://aazor.com/unitedstates/cbp-system-at-breakpoint-where-more-than-76000-immigrants-cross-or-accept-illegally-last-month/

In February, more than 76,000 people were caught crossing illegally or without proper papers, the highest number of encounters in February in the past 12 years, according to CBP.

"The system is far beyond capacity and is still at a breakpoint," said CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan.

Of the 76,000, 7,250 were unaccompanied children and 40,385 were arrived with family members.

The growth of cross-border families and unaccompanied children is a significant change in demographic data – and it is a challenge for CBP, as in previous years, single adults are largely the majority of those crossing the border.

Since October, CBP has seen 300% increase in captured families compared to the same period in the 2018 financial year.

"That means we've only been caught and met more families in just five months and five days than last year's record," McAleenan said.

Only in February, 36,174 families and 6,825 unaccompanied children were caught by the agency.

Families and unaccompanied children represent over 60% of the fears along the southwestern border. They come primarily from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Previously, single men from Mexico entered the US illegally and quickly returned to Mexico. Since most of the crossings are now family members of the northern triangle, the United States does not have the infrastructure for inflow.

The increase in family benefits, together with large groups – the more than 100 people – was determined by officials with cross-border implications.

According to CBP, there are 70 groups that have occupied 100 or more persons in this fiscal year, while in the financial year 2017 only 13, while in the financial year 2017 two. The agency also said that drug dealers use large groups such as diverting law enforcement.

McAleenan acknowledged that temporary repair, CBP extends medical support and establishes a centralized processing center in El Paso (Texas) to “increase care for families and unaccompanied children.

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"The Silence of Blindness": Major Brands Avoid Trump, even if they are encouraged by the White House https://aazor.com/unitedstates/the-silence-of-blindness-major-brands-avoid-trump-even-if-they-are-encouraged-by-the-white-house/ Tue, 05 Mar 2019 23:42:29 +0000 https://aazor.com/unitedstates/the-silence-of-blindness-major-brands-avoid-trump-even-if-they-are-encouraged-by-the-white-house/

On a spot where millions of dollars worth of free advertising were to be visited, President Trump on Monday introduced the spread of burgers in the White House State Dining Room among the country's largest fast food chains when hungry footballers looked.

The American-American restaurants, including McDonald's, Chick-fil-A and Wendy, won the camera's smooth layout.

– We love American companies, okay? Trump said, and stood hundreds of Big Macs and chicken sandwiches at the North Dakota State Football Team. – Go to eat. Enjoy yourself, everyone.

But companies could not quickly return the love or cash for Presidential product placement, McDonald's, Chick-fil-A and Wendy listening to Trump's approvals. When Trump held a similar event in January, Burger King was the only company that referred to social media – mocking Trump for writing the hamburger word.

"[D]a big order yesterday, we're all outside, – Burger King Twitter On January 15th, one day, Trump honored Clemson's football team with Whoppers and Big Macs, adding that "only serves hamburgers today."

Corporate retraction emphasizes the close relationship between the polarizing president and the best US consumer brands. The companies behind some of the president's favorite products, including Sharpies, Big Macs, and Diet Cokes, held their arms, even praising them publicly, and highlighting their products in the White House.

"Previously, the brands were happy to welcome the president," said Tim Calkins, who teaches marketing at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. "Now, if anything, I think these companies are likely to confirm a bit."

Trump's own distribution brand makes it less ideal for companies that want to avoid partisan fighting, Calkins said.

McDonald's, Burger King, and Chick-fil-A did not respond to multiple requests and were asked if they would welcome Trump's approval. Newell Brands, a manufacturer of Sharpie Pen Trump, praised the execution of executive orders and did not respond to multiple requests. The White House officials also did not respond to the comment.

Boston Red Sox Slugger David Ortiz with President Obama on April 1, 2014 with President Obama. Samsung is currently highlighting the use of your phone. (Win McNamee / Getty Images)

In the past, consumer brands have been keen to have their proximity to the presidents, whose strengthening is particularly important because they are assumed to have access to the best products, said Nick Powills, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago-based No Limit Agency.

When President Obama visited his restaurants in Washington and abroad, companies regularly highlighted social media visits, and some still named names.

"It was almost like winning a Michelin star," Powills said on Presidential visits.

While visiting the White House of Red Sox in Boston in 2014, David Ortiz bought an Obama on his Samsung smartphone. Samsung, supported by Ortiz, tweeted a photo of the "historical" moment noting that "Galaxy Note 3" was captured ".

Kennedy, Nixon, and Carter Presidents have invited Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics instructors to provide quick reading courses to the White House employees for marketing exchanges with the company.

Even today, trump-seeking businesses have decided to be a president who is opposed to polls in more than half of the country.

Since the 2016 campaign, six New York residential buildings have moved from the facades of the Trump Place logos, and many retailers have stopped the Trump brand clothing.

Nike, who left Trump's New York site last year, launched an advertising campaign in September with NFL Quarterback-activated Colin Kaepernick. Advertisements Nike almost contradicts Trump, who attacked Kaepernick and other NFL players who protested under the national anthem.

The company said sales were up 10 percent in the quarter after the ad was released public criticism Trumptól.

"For companies that are more progressive consumers, more democratic, the president calls them, not a bad thing," said Julie Hootkin, Global Strategy Group, Partner for Public Affairs. – It's really a good thing.

According to a study published by the Global Strategy Group last week, consumers increasingly want companies to act on political and social issues. The survey found that 8 out of 10 consumers would like companies to stand, and almost half said that companies would prefer to take a stand against Trump.

On the other hand, there are a number of brands that have actively played close proximity to Trump, including USA Steel, Boeing, Fox News and Foxconn. Last week he spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Mike Lindell, CEO of my pillow, said Trump was chosen by God.

And Trump is certainly not poisonous to thousands of supporters who bought the "Make America Great Again" hat and other campaign items. The writers of Trump books lobbied the White House's assistants to secure the presidential tweet, and the president's shouts helped several tomes to the best-selling status.

However, companies have also discovered the dangers of association with a war president.

At the beginning of 2017, Harley-Davidson's top executives visited the White House and presented several motorcycles to Trump, who praise the company for American-made products.

Until 2018, Trump publicly supported the boycott against Harley after the company announced that it would direct some of its production to Asia. The company blamed the tariffs that Trump's commercial war with China and Europe had on. In January, John Olin, Chief Financial Officer at Harley, told investors that in 2019 the tariffs would cost $ 120 million to the company.

"Many owners of @harleydavidson are planning to boycott the company when manufacturing overseas" – Trump Twitter in August. "Large!"

A company spokesman declined to say "there was no boycott."

Trump also publicly attacked other private companies, including Ford, General Motors and NFL. The President regularly attacks Amazon and its CEO Jeffrey P. Bezos, who also owns The Washington Post.

Some companies, including Patagonia's outdoor retailer, have taken an aggressive stance against Trump's policies. In 2017, Patagonia sued Trump to reduce the size of two national monuments in Utah and used its retail site to send a rigid message to customers: "The President stole the land."

Patagonia spokesman Corley Kenna said the movement was not driven by profit motives or politics.

"Our community expects to get a bold position," he said.

Other brands were reluctant to pick up the president who was willing to use the power of his office against corporate enemies.

"Silence is a deafness," said Calkins, Northwest Professor. "Everyone is very nervous about how the administration can react."

Some brands have found other politicians like Trump, even in today's polarized climate. Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) Announced that last month's Hot Pockets Twitter account announced his presidential bid.

"@CoryBooker don't forget about us when you choose," the company said Twitter.

The company's spokesman, Kate Shaw, said there was no formula for deciding when to engage with politicians and noting the company's earlier interaction with Booker about hurricane Sandy's efforts.

Rag & Bone clothing brand a tweet last month's customized version of the company's bomb jacket.

During his presidency, Obama's stops in local institutions often spark the sparkling tweets of businesses: #presidentialswag Taylor Gourmet tweeted 2012; "I am happy" said Politics & Prose 2014; – Great honor! Shake Shack said 2014;

Trump has largely avoided Washington's restaurants and small businesses and chose Trump International Hotel's restaurants on Pennsylvania Avenue.

According to Powills, the fast food restaurants highlighted by Trump in recent weeks do not respond.

"It is unfortunate that this is what we have come," Powills said. "It doesn't matter what you are holding in the White House and something (to promote). It is too bad that silence is the answer.

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New legislation could effectively end war in Afghanistan – CNN https://aazor.com/unitedstates/new-legislation-could-effectively-end-war-in-afghanistan-cnn/ Tue, 05 Mar 2019 23:29:19 +0000 https://aazor.com/unitedstates/new-legislation-could-effectively-end-war-in-afghanistan-cnn/

New legislation could effectively end war in Afghanistan CNN

View full coverage on Google News

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Baghouz: 500 ISIS warriors hand over the group's last Syrian enclave https://aazor.com/unitedstates/baghouz-500-isis-warriors-hand-over-the-groups-last-syrian-enclave/ Tue, 05 Mar 2019 22:54:42 +0000 https://aazor.com/unitedstates/baghouz-500-isis-warriors-hand-over-the-groups-last-syrian-enclave/

The militants included people who fought in the village, near the Iraqi border, which the US leadership coalition has been floating in the last few weeks.

CNN's team was at the reception on Tuesday, where thousands of things were processed – both warriors and civilians. SDF spokesman Mustafa Bali told Twitter that 3,500 people were evacuated from Baghouz alone.

Civilians evacuated from Baghouz are waiting for a guarded area of ​​US-backed Syrian democratic forces.

Adnan Afrin, spokesman and commander of SDF, told CNN that "more than 6,000 people have fled or left Baghouz in the last 48 hours and more are expected to arrive in the host area."

Before the attack began last month, SDF officials estimated that there were 1,500 civilians and 500 ISIS fighters, but at the beginning of the attack it became apparent that the actual number was much higher.

Commanders of the SDF told CNN that ISIS warriors set a strong resistance to retaining the final debris of the group, installing guided missiles and using the tunnel network to launch attacks.

The remaining warriors include the most fighting and experienced in ISIS. Some people who are used as human shields are the wife and child of ISIS warriors.

The suspicious ISIS warriors who fled from Baghouz are waiting for processing.

The recall of Baghouz would mean the end of the territorial control of the ISIS and the so-called "caliphate", which extended to areas of both Iraqi and Syria at the same time.

The height of the group was 7.7 million people, according to the ISIS rule, according to Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR), the official name of the fight against ISIS.

According to a recent report by the International Center for Radicalization and Political Violence, the group's annual revenues have fallen by more than half in the years since the peak, from $ 1.9 billion in 2014 to $ 870 million in 2016. t King's College London.

Despite the loss of area and funds, a UN monitoring committee estimated in July 2018 that ISIS membership in Iraq and Syria is still between 20,000 and 30,000.

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What happened to Trump's academic records https://aazor.com/unitedstates/what-happened-to-trumps-academic-records/ Tue, 05 Mar 2019 22:01:53 +0000 https://aazor.com/unitedstates/what-happened-to-trumps-academic-records/

In 2011, days after Donald Trump challenged President Barack Obama to the show that he wasn't a "terrible student," the headmaster at the New York Military Academy. help bury them.

The Headmaster at the School of the Truth, The Headmaster at the School time. "He said, 'You need to go to the top of the table.

The superintendent, Jeffrey Coverdale, confirmed their refused.

"I was given, I could not, and I was not, and they were handing them over to the trustees," they said. “I moved them elsewhere on campus where they could not be released. It’s the only time I ever moved to the records. '

The former NYMA officials' recollections add new details to Michael Cohen, president of longtime personal lawyer and fixer, made before Congress last week. Cohen, who told the House, said the Trump ordered him scores. "

Trump has often been boasted that he was a stellar student, but they are still out of the school.

Trump's photo from the 1964 New York Military Academy yearbook. (New York Military Academy)

Last year, they said they had heard of the Pennsylvania's Wharton business program, where they finished his undergraduate degree, but they didn't know what to do. academic honors in his class of 1968.

Trump spent five years at the military academy, starting in the fall of 1959, having a discipline-focused setting – removed him from his Queens private school and sent him Upstate to NYMA.

At the academy, which is modeled after the nearby U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Trump loved competing for a cleanest room or best-made bed. While they were a prominent, they were a prominent baseball player and were well known on the campus for bringing them there. Despite the fact that there is a military academy in the back of his feet, he has a military academy.

Trump told me The post during the 2016 campaign that he did well. I became one of the top guys at the whole school. ”

He said his parents originally sent him there because “I was a wise guy, and they wanted to get me in line.”

Donald Trump, pictured on the “popularity poll” page of the 1964 New York Military Academy yearbook. The caption below his photo reads "Ladies": Trump. "(New York Military Academy)

Jones and Coverdale declined to disclose the contents of his transcript.

Those who were aware of the effort to conceal the tragedy of the military academy.

Richard Pezzullo, the graduate who worked closely with school officials in a drive to save the school, which was then in financial distress. "People had been making inquiries, and there was a paramount interest in securing those records."

The boarding school had no formal archive at the time. Jones said they were combed through the basement of the Scarborough Hall on the academy's sprawling campus, 60 miles north of New York City.

“I don’t know if we should be doing this,” Jones recalled telling his boss. "He told me that many wealthy alumni, including a friend of mine, was a lot of pressure.

Jones said they did not know if they were from Cohen.

Coverdale declined to say where they are. "I don't want to get into anything with these guys," they said. “You have to understand, these were millionaires and multimillionaires on the board. But to hear, 'You will deliver them to us?' This was highly unusual. ”

The White House did not provide a response to the post. Leaders of the academy's board from that time also did not respond to requests for comment. Nor did Cohen or the school's current superintendent, Jie Zhang.

The academy closed in 2015 after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, but it quickly reopened after a non-profit entity led by a Chinese investor, Vincent Mo, it was a bankruptcy auction and it was a $ 16 million debt.

Cohen said last week that they had sent threatening letters to Trump's schools, if any of his records were released. Cohen demanded that the records were "criminality," which "will lead to jail time" . "

The Fordham spokesman last week confirmed the fact that the school was not able to do so. The spokesman for the University of Pennsylvania declined to comment.

In 2011, when the military academy was asked to secure Trump's records, he had not entered politics formally. But they were challenging Obama in the 2012 election and had been the rounds of the Obama was not qualified for admission to Columbia, where they finished his undergraduate degree, or Harvard, where he went to magna cum laude. During the 2012 campaign, Trump offered to donate $ 5 million to Obama released his college transcripts.

At the New York Military Academy, Jones, the management consultant who served as headmaster from 2010 to 2011. being removed, ”they said. “But people were fearful as a result of a call from Mr. Trump's friends. I was told we got a lot of heat about this. ”

Coverdale, who was the school's superintendent from 2010 to 2013 and is now a public school administrator in Florida.

The School's Willingness to Move the Records is the Trump's Special Status and the School's Precarious Position at the Time.

The academy, founded in 1889, has a mixed relationship with Trump through the years.

The school was in debt, and the group was seeking a $ 7 million donation that $ 30 million from graduates and other sources.

The meeting did not go well.

First, Pezzullo, Trump's Fellow Graduate, Spilled a Glass of Diet Coke on Trump's Cream-colored Carpet,

Then, according to Pezzullo, when the school's graduates made their pitch, "What do I get for my $ 7 million?"

The military academy was prepared to offer a summer program, the building or even the school itself after Trump, according to academy officials.

But Trump got the investment in the school was worthwhile. "It's a good business proposition," he said, according to Pezzullo. "The school has had a good run."

The decore before that meeting, The Trend offered to build a campus in honor of his coach and mentor, Theodore Dobias. But the school's board turned down the offer, preferring a cash donation. Trump, who had "just wanted to build something for this man loved," gave nothing, Pezzullo said.

The Trump Tower meeting in 2010 ended with Trump's firm 'No, very polite, but firm,' Pezzullo said.

After the meeting with the Trump, the group is with a Cohen, who is the same message but in a less gracious continent.

“Cohen told us he would love to have enough money to buy the school so they could bulldoze it,” Pezzullo said.

Michael E. Miller and Karen Heller contributed to this report.

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Michael Bloomberg will not be president in 2020 https://aazor.com/unitedstates/michael-bloomberg-will-not-be-president-in-2020/ Tue, 05 Mar 2019 21:53:00 +0000 https://aazor.com/unitedstates/michael-bloomberg-will-not-be-president-in-2020/

Michael Bloomberg will not be chairman in 2020, the billionaire businessman wrote the month on Tuesday, an online publication to speculate on the political future of a Democratic Party's main donor.


The philanthropist sold sales tools to financial services companies, and in mid-2018, the Democratic donor acted as a powerful force, promising more than $ 100 million to the candidates. It is estimated that Forbes has a net worth of more than $ 55 billion.

Though Bloomberg will not preside, he wrote that he will expand his eco-friendly philosophy and announce that he will launch a new project, Beyond Carbon, which has been described as "a local effort to remove America from oil and gas as quickly as possible and a 100 percent clean energy economy. "

Bloomberg wrote that in the coming weeks, through concrete actions and results, "he will go deeper into the work of turning to Hungary".

"And I will continue to support those candidates who are able to provide the necessary leadership – climate change, armed violence, education, health, voting rights and other critical issues – and continue to keep what they promise wrote.

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