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Pato Rubio scored the first goal with the blue

At the Chilean University, they think of a Sunday game against Curico, as they play the last opportunity to enter the Copa Libertadores.

Despite the fact that the result of the Concepción University, which plays in Monumental against Colo Colo, the Bullango Bull will want everything to tie the direct quota to the competition.

In this sense, in the international competition, the insurance ticket (at least the previous phase) extended the Azul Azul's planned 2019 reinforcements, where more than $ 3 million is planned to invest in new birds.

While there is a great list of names, there is the one who has been attracted by the luxury of visiting the Blue Sports Center.

Everything because of the surprise of many, when Frank Darío Kudelka's first team completed his training, Patricio Rubio rode the facilities in La Cisterna.

Several fans also knew that Everton had been a fighter who had withdrawn an autograph and made photos at the CDA gate, but without making the statement.

Although Rubio's name is within the possible confirmation folder, his arrival has not yet been signed.

What did you do on the spot? Although attended by representatives Sergio Gioino and Pablo Lecler, who also left the vehicle at the whimsical training center, the striker devoted himself to watching football, taking into account the play of the blue Sub 15 O 'Higgins (Rancagua won 4- 1).

In this sense, the player spent hours before the game, played next to La Cisterna, where U19 Palestino was awarded Everton, where his teammate Camilo Rodriguez was.

On behalf of Blue Blue, he confirmed that there is an approach, but nothing concrete, as they will first be asked about renovations before the next season is confirmed.

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