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Black Friday discounts increase e-commerce in Latin America

Although local e-commerce initiatives have taken place, the Black Friday, which is traditional and comes from the United States, has become one of America's largest, most important, discounted day in Latin America. The 2018 edition, which begins on Friday, November 23, marks significant sales outcomes in the region, rising from 105% to 225% in national traffic, as opposed to normal Friday.

Black Friday Benefits Increase E-Commerce in Latin America – EFE

The most significant discount event for the year is appealing to 50% of Colombians who, according to the information published by, buy it during the day. The same study also revealed that Colombians spend on average 556,000 columbian dollars (about $ 185), mostly with credit card payments.

The Ecuadorian market is one of the most active on the weekend of Black Friday, with 85% interest in buyers, as Black Friday Global and Advisor Eureknow. The same sources have also announced that 10% of Ecuadorians spend more than $ 1,000 on their purchase, while the remaining 90% spend $ 100 to $ 700, favoring the purchase of virtual platforms.

Peruvian consumers, unlike their neighbors, are a bit more demanding in terms of quality, so the price is just one of the variants. However, it is estimated that at least 53% of Peruvians participate in Black Friday 2018, only 1% above Chilean consumers, who, according to Picodi, are 53%. The Peruvian average cost is about 714 feet (about $ 210), while Chileans pay 155,000 and 197,000 Chilean pesos (about $ 230 and $ 300).

By contrast, Mexican and Argentine consumers are less than 50%. According to the Picodi study, 28% of Argentineans participate in Black Friday 2018, while Mexican participation is 41%. It should be noted that last weekend, November 16-19, Mexico celebrated the local version of the Black Friday. According to the "Good End" e-commerce initiative, the eighth edition will be around 97 million pesos (about $ 5 million).

Four days before the end of "El Buen Fin", Mexican consumers are still spending 4237 and 5545 pesos (about $ 200 and $ 270) for black Friday. While south of the continent, the Argentineans spend 6437 and 6770 pesos (around $ 170 and $ 190), continuing the upward trend in e-commerce in Argentina and not affecting the decline in consumption. The country has crossed the country since the beginning of the year.

Picodi's data also indicate that purchasing intentions are mostly pulse and spontaneously 68% of Chilean, 60.5% of Argentina, 58% of Colombians and 51% of Peruvians; Unlike the Mexican consumer, who 54% previously analyzed what he buys.

According to statistics, consumers in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Ecuador agree on category preferences, and the fashion, electronics and cosmetics sectors are most in demand during the "black Friday" rebates. In addition, the most commonly used tools in online shopping are smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, and, finally, less well-known tablets.

The Black Friday, on the day after Thanksgiving, symbolically opens up the Christmas sales campaign and offers an opportunity that allows great savings from anywhere in the world thanks to electronic commerce. At the same time, it should be noted that the average indebtedness of the continent accounts for 60% of monthly pay per customer for this type of event, as indicated by its credit card franchise in the region.

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