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Where did you go? Especially in Slavia, Sparta's bag

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One thing about the evacuation of the event, but not officially completed, said Liberec's sports director, Zdenk Koukal. Slavia can do many things, but Sparta showed it. Nothing to the public.

Even if you have not signed anything, it is likely that evk will travel to Slavia. And now, in Liberec, I'm sorry. For Petra, this is a monotonous idea for me, because we have to look for the same game that will be the engine of the city, "said Hornyk Zsolt. On the other hand, we are able to offer the wickedness of the big clubs. I can say goodbye and prove that we are on the right track.

Evk exploded in the fall of the whole Power of Liberty and the assault. Although he glanced at the glittering glance, the bag was the best in the darkness. He is the best football player in the championship.


What do you think about creativity, I think, Peter is one of the best mid-peers in the republic, "said Mr. Hornyk. It's time for Peter to look at me. We will be without it. This was also the last match against Slovec, where the game was missing.

Even the libereck's cabin looks like the eater game in winter. It's awfully good time, lots of space, a balloon and a game. D wait for a great price to go to Ondej Karafit. he has spent a lot of time, but he has been in Liberec for two years and has only given a ball. You have to get it and disappear. When he leaves, he will be bad, but Liberec will go.

However, in Liberec, the club was the best of all clubs, the goal being Filip Nguyen.

If he went to evk Slavia, he followed the entire Liberia army left by the big club with retirement in Nisy's walls. The two of them were those smokers in Trpiovsk, Nezmar and hri Skora, Kdela, Kol and Coufal.

Petr evk did not escape to get started. Recently, light muscles have been damaged and the beginning of Pilsen's stomach is not entirely certain.

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