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Nissan's staff meet by leaving Ghosn's savior

Nissan's staff meet by leaving Ghosn's savior
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Nissan's Automotive Giant Board of Governors met Thursday with the iconic president of Carlos Ghosn, who was detained in Tokyo for allegedly malicious crime, which has so far been unimaginable to a Japanese rescuer.

The meeting started around 7:00 GMT in the Yokohama center, the suburb of Japan's capital.

Behind the closed doors, six men and a woman will decide in the future the high-performance boss of the world's leading Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Motors car, whose life suddenly shook when the plane collapsed. Monday in Japan.

Carlos Ghosn, who has been arrested, has since remained silent in a Tokyo detention camp while breaking his rule.

Nissan, a company that started its startling empire-building epic in 1999, is ready to kill him and gain title as chairman of the board.

According to a source close to management, all other scenarios are unlikely. "The proposal would not have been put to the vote if there were any doubt", breathes.


Hiroto Saikawa, Chief Executive Officer, has been conducting the discussions since April 2017. The decision will be made manually. With four votes, the master's withdrawal will suffice.

Replacing the role-leader is to be named, probably by Mr Saikawa, the former dolphin of Ghosn, who on Monday conducted a disgraceful violence against his former mentor.

Officially, the French-Lebanese-Brazil defendant accused of "reducing its remuneration" by June 2009 and by June 2015, with a total of 4.9 billion yen (about 37 million euros) in place of nearly 10 billion yen.

"This kind of misinterpretation is one of the most serious flaws in the legislation of listed companies," Tokyo Deputy Prosecutor Shin Kukimoto told reporters on Thursday.

However, he did not want to describe in detail the ongoing investigation or the number of daily hearings, as revealed in the Japanese media reports of tycoon falsehoods 64.

Mr Ghosn is also suspected of misuse of assets, according to Nissan's internal investigation, over the past few months, but he does not hold this prize.

On Wednesday, the court decided to extend his arrest for 10 days to continue the investigation. And his detention can far exceed the rules of the Japanese justice system.

The powerful businessman received the French ambassador and the Brazilian consul who were "in good shape".

The Nissan Group as a legal entity may in theory also be prosecuted, said the prosecutor's representative.

In addition to the strong alliance of 450,000 people, Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) also plans to "quickly reject" its chairman. The council will be expected next week as spokesman for the council.

Is a merger under discussion?

At Renault, the warning is alright. The board of directors asked Nissan to "send all the information in its possession as part of the internal investigations that Mr Ghosn discussed."

Assuming he can not decide on the merits of the case, the French manufacturer has taken steps to secure the temporary company Thierry Bolloré's second company.

On Wednesday, the French government tried to reassure the future of the diamond manufacturer, which the state is holding 15%.

Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire has secured a "but" temporary "steady" governance in the Paris press to enable the French manufacturer to continue the business.

Hiroshige Seko meets with her Japanese partner on Thursday afternoon to discuss the long-term nature and "extension" of the partnership.

If the comments in Japan provide a reassuring interface to the alliance, the local press tone of anonymous statements by Nissan officials confirms that the group wants to examine the "necessary conditions for continuing this" of this structure, according to one of them.

One of the goals would be to change the crashes: Renault holds 43% of Nissan, but Japan has only 15% of turnover, which is a long rancor in the archipelago.

According to the Nikkei business daily, a Ghanaian executive, Carlos Ghosn, sought to integrate the two groups, and "it was possible to have a specific plan ready for next year," which Saikawa explicitly rejected the merger scenario.

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