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Nurses strike against government "ignore"

Seven meetings are scheduled at 14 o'clock in the region and the Ministry of Health in Paris.

The yellow coats are white coats. In the big "forgotten" health plan, nurses call for work, and every Tuesday showcase the hospital in France when sixteen organizations recall the "ignoring" of the government, accusing them of handing over the "foyer" of doctors.

Whether you are liberal, hospital staff, school or theater, nurses – more than 80 percent of women – enjoy the same "feeling". "Daniel Guillerm, vice-president of the FNI (Liberals), told a press conference Monday.

Twenty more meetings are planned at 14 pm in the region, especially in the prefectures and in Paris, at the Ministry of Health to take advantage of the "recognition" of the profession, better pay, more autonomy or reinforcement of the staff working in the institutions.

The health plan was presented with disappointment

Mobilization, which has been announced since October and was ordered by nurses, "has nothing to do with it," even though "some allegations" are "perhaps" shared, says Daniel Guillerm.

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The rise of fuel prices did not cause angry trade unions, but disappointment with the September presentation of the health plan was given by President Emmanuel Macron, the catalog of "single doctors grouped actions", said Daniel Guillerm.

In particular, the creation of 4,000 posts for "medical assistants", the assistant secretary and nurse halfway "burned the port," recalled Sniil (liberals), John Pinte.

Why create a new profession instead of relying on 660,000 existing nurses? Why pay € 200 million a year for doctors' secretarials for doctors instead of creating posts in retirement homes or increasing the salaries and salaries of nurses? "Said FNI's vice president.

Five suicides in summer 2016

"Such a diversion of healthcare contributions to people who have no financial problems is extremely shocking as we approach hospital beds, maternity," outraged Thierry Amouroux (SNPI, hospital) hoping that mobilization was successful as "two years ago" .

In November 2016, thousands of nursing carers, including caretakers, attended everywhere in France in a call for a unified movement published in 1988 to abolish the conditions for exercising. But large trade union centers such as FO or CGT, members of health institutions, also urged the strike, which is not the case on Tuesday. The nursing profession was soured by the suicide of at least five sisters during the summer.

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According to Nathalie Depoire (CNI, Hospital), "suffering" and "loss of report" in the workplace continue to exist in "all sectors", according to which "multiplication of hospitals" occurs in the hospital.

But sisters may be the most mobilized on Tuesday, continuing their health insurance discussions on December 4, according to trade unions. The door was cheated at the beginning of summer, suggesting that the proposals did not go far enough, including the creation of new acts for the patient's home observation.

A new profession was created

"The government's only concern is medical desertification, why not give the nurse certain privileges" to compensate for the lack of doctors, suggests Daniel Guillerm, citing, for example, the possibility of rehydration of the elderly during hot flashes.

As a government's progress, the creation of a new nursing profession in advanced practice, ie expanded skills, only affects a small portion of professionals who will be "physically" under the yoke of the body, "regrets Daniel Guillerm.

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And this does not solve the difficulties with daily difficulties, John Pinte, Sniil abounds, as when nurses "illegally" deliver the drug to the "patient's interest" when a doctor is unavailable, especially on weekends.

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