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My Style Rocks: Ioanna Siabanis "stole"

I made a copy of My Style Rocks on Monday, Ioanna Siabani.

Stelios Koudounaris said he had enough photos to prove that "the usual suspect" Ioanna Siabani gave a special appearance and presented in one of the episodes of the fashion show and the player could not hide the "accusations" of the jury.

Dimitris Argyropoulos asked the player to recognize that he was committed to coping with Ioanna Siabanis's "offense" and states that if judges believe "no", it would be better to leave, emphasizing that he can not recognize it, which does not do it.

Shortly after Christina Papadellis introduced the jury's own concept, Stelios Koudounaris remarked that Ioanna was still annoyed. "I can not do this anymore," he said, and continued, "It does not apply to it, it stifles me and I can not prove it. Because you said it and because it was the beginning, the world is now lazy as if it had no other job to take pictures you find it that matches your own clothes. It's very light.

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