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"Unveiling" is the new "International University" of Greece

The Foundation has been founded and operated since 2008, autonomously, economically and internationally, deleted from the university map.

A total of 32 organizational units in the six cities – Drama, Thessaloniki, Kavala, Katerini, Kilkis and Serres – since the middle of the 1990s, will be the new International University of Greece at the University's microblogging "development". The Foundation, which has been founded and operated since 2008, is automatically abolished economically and internationally from the university map and TEIs will be replaced by hand, which will be handwritten by Gavroglou as "International University". The new departments will start from the reorganization of departments of the same subject, which currently co-operate with Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia and the Eastern Macedonia TEI.

In particular, schools and departments such as the final plan are:

• School of Social Sciences (with Thessaloniki headquarter and departments) in libraries, archives and information systems as well as early childhood education and care.

• Graduate students in economics and business studies (Serres), Economics (Serres), Supply Chain Management (Katerini).

• Design and Applied Arts School of Interior Design (Serres), Creative Design and Clothing (Kilkis).

• Department of Physics (Kavala), Chemistry (Kavala), Informatics (Kavala), Geology (Kavala).

• Mechanical Engineering (Serres), Topography and Geoinformatics (Serres), Civil Engineering (Serres), Computer Science, Computers and Telecommunications, Electrical and Computer Engineering.

• School of Economics and Business Studies (Kavala), Accounting and Finance (Kavala).

• School of Geotechnical Sciences at the Faculty of Forestry and Natural Sciences (Drama), Agricultural Biotechnology and Winery (Drama).

• Faculty of Health Sciences (Thessaloniki Department and Departments) in nursing, obstetrics, biomedical, physiotherapy, clinical and dietary departments.

• Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (the headquarters of the Drama School) with the Department of Agricultural, Food Science and Technology.

• Entrepreneurial and Administrative School (Thessaloniki) with the organizational units of tourism, marketing and advertising services, accounting and information systems and public administration.

• Technical College (Serres) with the Department of Environmental Engineering, Manufacturing Technology and Management, Computing and Electronics Systems. There will be a Department of Oil Engineering.

The purpose of the Ministry of Education is to build the new institution in the near future so that it can be transformed and its organizational units belong to the computerized list of candidates for entry into higher education in 2019.

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