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Harry and Meghan shine on Palladium, exactly six months after the wedding

that Meghan Markle this is still debut. THE exactly six months after the wedding, celebrated on Monday November 19, the former actress accompanied her husband to Harry at the Palladium Theater in London, where the Royal Variety Performance show is held every year, featuring charity funded by the Queen II. Elizabeth. The goal? Support the needy British artists who need it or restrict their artistic activity for health reasons.

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Pancino disguised as a floral top signed Safiya, smiles for everyone and one step ahead of her husband, Meghan followed the show in the royal box and not before receiving congratulations on the "wonderful news" of the host Greg Davies, that the greeting of the princes in this way interrupted the first applause from his audience.

Palladium is an event that is of great significance to Windsor, which is never lacking, and since the Queen began to reduce her commitments, she was always the youngest member of the family to collect her legacy.

In recent years, especially Kate and William. For example, in 2017 Princess Cambridge, pregnant, third-born Louis, glittering blue Jenny Packham glittered and suffered more than a confrontation with Elsa Frozen, but in November 2014 she was the indisputable star of the evening, Charlotte is pregnant. Even Carlo and Camilla were regular, but this time they paid tribute to the most talked about moments.

Everything that Meghan and Harry met with performances and performances with different performers, come on Thake That that Andrea and Matteo Bocelli, until the show is cast Tina, A Tina Turner Musical. Definitely at different times since the queen was shaking hands Ginger Rogers (1969) or when she was the Queen's mother Diana Ross. However, the memoir album has a number of pages in black and white and Elizabeth Princess also gives a beautiful shot of George V and his father George V and his brother Margaret (see the gallery to see all the photos, ed). Different characters, similar moments.


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