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just a "road accident"?

Is it just a road accident or something that cracked in the government's balance? The government was defeated in the House on anti-corruption Tuesday night. The majority fell the amendment to the Bonafede bill by secret ballot. At this point, the parent company M5S Francesco D & Uva asked for the classroom to be suspended. Chairman of the Board, Roberto Fico, heard the group's comments, suspended the work of Montecitorio for 30 minutes, and convened a conference of group leaders, announcing that the chamber chamber would continue to examine the bill at 11 o'clock this evening and 9 by Luigi Di Maio summoned by gathering M5S groups.

It was the first Yellowlover government hall event. After days when the security regulation was afraid a path to the Senate, where the majority is narrower, the slider has come to the chamber where the M5s and the League are very strong.

Take Franks in the Majority?

The amendment of the former anti-corruption bill previously signed to the Misto Group by the former M5S, Screw Chain, in which the majority was beaten, weakens the offense of peculation. Issue on which the committee's work Lega and M5S have put forward different opinions: it supports Carroccio, unlike the grill. The majority voted against the Vitiello amendment. The number of votes was 284, against 239 votes.To see the voting page that only those who participated in the vote and anyone with the majority of the alleged frankest shooters were at least 36 when they calculated that the speeches voted for it because of the strategy and not because of the modification of the peculiarity. But the Democratic Party says there are many more because it has sworn it has voted for the norm.


The board with secret balloting results – Ansa

The pact between the two vice premiers did not stop the secret vote requested by Forza Italia and the Misto group: it threatens the processes of embezzlement. Screw was expelled from M5S a violation of Article 6 of the new branding regulation, which prohibits the nomination of persons registered in Masonic organizations and, above all, that he has not informed his past.

Salvini: "Accidental Accident"

"It was a road accident that resulted in the bill being approved sooner," said Matteo Salvini at Palazzo Chigi, certain that it will not be "no effect". Immediately after the vote, the deputy boss spoke of "totally incorrect voting in the classroom": "The position of the League defines the secretariat, the provision follows the ultimate acceptance of the majority." And he added, "I would abolish secret ballot because the Italians have the right to know who votes." "The League's mistake? I do not care about the responsibilities, I repeat: a coward is hiding behind the secret ballot, whoever does it, the majority is, it's all right." There is a security regulation, there is a maneuver. .. it must be done so that the crashing of buttons for the children seems to be useless. The championship will work hard to speed up the anti-corruption bill. "said Carroccio.

"What is happening today in the courtroom, a very serious. So we're not going forward, "he said D & # 39; Uva adding: "We do not save the villains from prison. Those who chose voters to vote for criminals take huge responsibility in the eyes of citizens."

"Burners do not serve": shared government

League: "They are the Fichians who are"

"The Fichians who voted to send the sign are looking for a complaint that they will not vote on the security regulation," he told reporters Igor Iezzi, Member of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs. "We are not" to get under the majority, assured Montecitorio Riccardo Molinari Lega.

"The government that has been beaten on the vote on peculation is clear Lega and M5S can not be together. The conquerors betray the government agreement to rescue all those who bring to justice the purpose of embezzlement. Bad political page, which shows that the majority have been genetically modified on some issues. One day the amnesty, another the dl security, the burners, today is anticorruption. They share everything, and when dealing with the crucial issues of each action, huge political and cultural differences are created, "he said. Francesco Boccia, MP Pd.

"We believe that the secret vow guaranteed the freedom of expression of the room" manitarian justiceif today this hall has expressed itself with the guarantee, it is in the interest of the Italians, "commented Fi's team leader for the Chamber Mariastella Gelmini.

The five hundred-year-old Anti Salvini frond has been born, so the security decree destroys the Movement

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