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Spider-Man's latest DLC offers stunning ideas

Spider-Man is more about the spectacular webpage or the Spidey mask. Part of the Spider package – its allies, friends, family, enemies – supporting casting is equally important. But so Spidermanthe DLC content will try to reach the rightfulness of the support stars shortly.

Turf Wars, the second chapter is a series of new story missions Marvel Spider-Man "The city that never sleeps" came out this week and in many respects is very similar to the first slice of the DLC released last month, Heist.

He adds some new chapters to the game, translates more into the familiar activities familiar in the basic game, and some graceful new clothes that Peter sneaks away. He also focuses on another important female figure in Peter's life – except that this time, instead of being superhero of Felicia Hardy (the black cat), Yuri Watanabe, Peter's only and only friend at NYPD. And too little to expose any interesting idea.

After Heist he saw Maggia gangster Hammerhead again spark a family war war, Turf Wars the majority of their parallel running time shows that Yuri and the police, with little help from the friendly neighborhood of Spider-Man, are trying and unable to cope with the rise in crime.

Which says that the New York game version has been leaving for only a few months because of the deadly viral eruption, the jail rebellion and the Sininder Hat triple threat that took over Manhattanet. It was all fine, but Maggia? The NYPD collides with the wall!

It reaches Yuri, who is proud of being a good cop, the hardest – and Turf Wars he just tugs until he gets down. He begins to be unlucky as he is in Harlem after the Hammerhead was set up, and he quickly became a disaster, killing a whole team under the command.

As Hammerhead gets stronger in the city and more and more cops catch the crossfire, Yuri finds himself in a breakthrough that eventually sees him catching – Spider-Mant and his ideals to make a personal attempt to revenge Hammerhead – with the hope that as many He takes you as much as you can with him.

Since Peter finds himself in a rivalry over time to stop both Hammerhead and Jurij, they are the climax of a scrap that sees Jurij apparently executing the gangster before Peter and a cop (spoilers: somehow survived, thanks to) the fact that this is a cartoon video game; and b) have one awfully thick head).

All this is impressive, though Turf Wars too short and too small to give a narrative weight to any of his complex ideas. Hammerhead, now the detective of the two DLCs (even if it's in it) Heist she is actually mostly invisible), and probably the third, has hardly dropped out.

Suddenly arriving at the scene, it seems like a threat to be able to deceive death, just as convincing as the fact that "The city that never sleeps" needs your own Doc Ock, but it is so capricious as a character,. Yuri's downward spiral feels as if he is flying so fast that he does not feel it.

He goes away from the feeling as if he was doing some kind of therapeutic activity at his watch to invite the families of dead cops to compete and seemingly a whole bar full of Maggia's cocktails, with a few stories, and of course spending time with Peter as your protagonist, you never see what is going on with Yuri despite the fact that his story is, Turf Wars.

This is annoying because there are some really simple ways to make Yuri's arch Turf Wars they can be treated much better – because it is in the comic book that came first. Introduction A wonderful spider In 2009, Yuri, as he was in the game, was a police officer.

But ultimately, the vigilant Wraith, who works outside the police to intimidate the heart of New York's criminal delinquency. He worked several times with Spider-Man a few years ago to a story about "Spiral," where his commitment to justice was shaken by a corruption scandal that releases Tombstone.

The incident triggered a new criminal war, which eventually killed Jurjú with Spider-Man, where the line was taken down by vigilant violence – after being manipulated in an interesting way by another Marvel Spider-Man figure, Mister Negative.

There are clear parallels about what Marvel Spider-Man he tries to make Yuri's curve in the comic book. Volt Turf Wars real time to build up gracefully, there was some impressive symmetry with the representation of the main game Otto Octavius ​​- and how revenge consumes the closest and dear Peter, so that he would never let him go to Spider-Man became.

But Turf Wars too short, too fast, and too concerned about Peter as the lens to the story to give Yuri the time.

This is because of the fact that the only cop who is willing to work with a Spider-Man for a vengeful killer feels like a tonic whip-and especially trouble, especially when "The City That Never Sleeps" take up the thread of Yuri's story just as well Turf Wars he did not pick up something from Felicia's face Heist.

Like a lot Marvel Spider-Man is delighted to seduce the knowledge of decades of comic books to make the familiar mood fresh, it seems Turf Wars it could have been much more satisfying than the time to take a sheet out of these books.

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