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"Trade" is famous for a car company Electronic Harmony Newspaper

Riyadh – Harmony:

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment monitored the Ministry of Commerce and Investment in violation of the system of commercial agencies, maintenance requirements, spare parts and quality assurance after the court's judgment and enforcement regulations on statutory breaches of commercial agencies were found to be delayed by the fact that more than 30 accordingly, a decision of the Administrative Court of Riyadh Administrative Court of Appeal that violated the company and imposed fines of fifty thousand riyals and issued the judgment in a local newspaper at the expense of the facility.

The citizen complains to the Ministry of Commerce and Investment about the company's details because the spare parts of his car are not available within the 14-day deadline.

In accordance with Article 6 of the maintenance provisions, the provision of spare parts and the quality assurance provided for in Article 3 of the Legislative Decree of the Commercial Agencies, the trustee must ensure that the usual spare parts required by consumers are always at an affordable price. For a period of not more than 14 days from the date of the consumer's request, except for products specifically designed for consumers or the same technical specifications, the agent must agree in writing by the consumer on a reasonable date.

It should be noted that the ministry has already criticized violations of companies and agencies that did not commit themselves to post-consumer sales services and applied legal sanctions in accordance with the provisions of the Act on Consumer Protection and Commercial Agencies, of its implementing rules.

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment stresses that agencies and automotive companies should ensure the provision of spare parts and maintenance work to consumers in accordance with the contracts between the parties.

The Ministry also underlines the monitoring of the commitment to implement the implementing rules of the Commercial Agencies Act, which regulates the relationship between the payer and the distributors to the Kingdom of the consumer in accordance with the system of commercial agents and takes into account and protects the rights of all parties.

The ministry calls on consumers to submit their complaints to the Ministry's Communication Center by 1900 via "commercial communication" or through the website of the ministry.

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