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This product is extremely dangerous to women's health

Этот продукт чрезвычайно опасен для женского здоровьяName of product that causes cancer among women.

British researchers have found that red meat causes cancer, especially colon cancer

This conclusion is based on the data obtained from seventeen years of observations. Experts have performed physical measurements with more than 32,000 women.

The analysis allows us to consider the consumption of red meat in women as a triggering factor in cancer formation. Of the girls who consumed red meat, the number of cancer patients was 35% higher than among the others.

Of course, we can not deny the fact that they contain nutrients and stress tests in large quantities of red meat. They claim, however, that they will not leave this product. Only the recommendations of scientists should be followed: in a week the amount of meat should not exceed 3-4 normal doses.

It is best to favor white meat and fish.

Scientists warn that red meat is very careful to treat women whose relatives have suffered from bowel cancer.

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