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Details of Kočner's Prison Cells: Supposedly Helping in Power, Respond

It seems Marian Kocner needs the highest. According to the latest reports, he had to complain with his motto why the Constitutional Court had decided how it had decided. Senator Mojmír Mamojka, appointed by Robert Fico, was also a member of the Senate who decided to release him. He mentions another name in the documents, and the information was transferred to an N journal.

Fico had to make it

Among other things, he mentions a number of high-profile people or known names, such as Dušan Kováčik, Attorney General, Jaromír Čižnár Attorney General, Norbert Bödör, Norwegian businessman, Marek Paru, lawyer and others. "I want to know why Mamojka! RF failed. According to the newspaper, such a sentence should be included in the cards.

Robert Fico

Source: TASR – Jakub Kotian

Mojmír Mamojka – Judge of the Constitution

Mojmír Mamojka, Judge of the Constitution, was one of those who considered the release of Kočner. They rejected. He then complained in his bike that the United States had been detained and his request failed. The court rejected his application in mid-September last year, and Mojmír Mamojka, former member of Smer and Ficov, was also responsible for the constitutional judge. In the past, Mom said she didn't feel biased.

Discount: Mojmír Mamojka Judge

Source: SITA / Diana Černáková

It also senses and rejects the whole situation. According to him, someone did not contact him. "He seemed to think when he suggested that this direction and a particular prime minister (then Prime Minister Robert Fico, Red.) Would probably contact me and intervene. Somehow I explain this, " he told Topky Mamoyka that he and Fic had always had a good relationship. "Nothing happened, neither Fico, nor any other man." Because we decided how we decided because they had legal arguments about what they were, " He told.

Details of Kočner's papers

Source: SITA / Diana Černáková

According to him, the constitutional promise is not an expression that is only in the constitution. "Indeed, independence, the constitution, the laws are true. I know that today it seems ridiculous when people say it, but I am not addicted. I respect the law, I respect the adopted position. but even if they were, it wasn't in that case. I don't have to prove anything to anyone, either myself or the environment. " Any contact or encounter with Kočner during this period is excluded from Mamojka.

VIDEO The Deputy Attorney General's extraordinary press is about coercing Kocner

Robert Fico – ex-prime minister, head of the director and candidate for the Constitutional Court

According to Kočner's alleged words, Robert Fico did everything. Ex-Prime Minister and current Deputy, Head of Director and Candidate for the Constitutional Court. Fico has just appointed Mamoyka as an exprimer. However, Fico denies and regards it as a discriminatory campaign. "The information we refer to is only known to Den N's further attempt to condemn the president of the Social Democrat Robert Fico when he turned to the Constitutional Court. Jan Mazgut, spokesman for the party, told Topkin.

Robert Fico

Source: SITA / Tomas Somr

Dušan Kováčik – Special Prosecutor

He also tried to go to the special prosecutor of Duśki Kováčik UŠP. He called him what he called "kamošov Dušan". "Kamošom" invited himself to Norbert Bödör, who knew his good relations with Smer. "Information is called" friendship "with this person only from the media. Norbert B. person I met in cultural and sporting events for hundreds of people, about 8-10 years ago. No one on me and no longer called. supranational relationship, " replied Kováčik.

Details of Kočner's papers

Source: SITA / Diana Černáková

Jaromír Čižnár – Attorney General

Another name in the documents is that Kočner wrote daily that he might need help with "eyebrows", which have significant eyebrows. Kočner must keep in mind the Chief Prosecutor Jaromír Čižnár. The Attorney General described it as a conspiracy game. "Since the Chief Prosecutor of the Slovak Republic is unaware of journalists (N, SME, Portal Aktuality.sk) and Mgr. He informed Andrea Predajňová, spokesman for the Prosecutor General of the Slovak Republic.

Jaromír Čižnár

Source: Vlado Anjel

In addition, he had to ask for help with "Iva" on the bicycles, which could be Ivan Kmotrík or Ivan Lexa. He also pointed out that only "brat and Marek" remained, which was the narrative of Péter Tóth and Marek Paru. Whether these people are really known or not.

Kočárové motáky

Kočner is a friend of Andrei Šabík's lawyer, Péter Tóth, who is currently acting as a witness. Many editorials in December received anonymous announcement that Marian Kočner was trying to leave the prison. He asked them to help him through many influential people in politics and law enforcement. The announcement was due on December 19, 2018, before the court was bound to Kocner.

This is probably before the suspect of the murder of Alena Zsuzhan. The police proved the influence as Tóth's confidential witness. Šabík, a lawyer with Kočner's braided dogs, denies. In this context, the police are already being investigated.

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