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Mitsubishi L200: Revised Picap With New Design and 4×4 Technology – News – Auto

Four years later, Mitsubishi comes with a remarkable innovation of the legendary small shield. The fifth generation saw unexpected facelift, new off-road mode, new automatic gearbox and new auxiliary system.

The fully machined front has taken the L200's ...

Completely revised front
the L200 made the Dynamic Schield mask more robust. new
there are mudguards and a higher hood. The reflectors are now subdivided,
Author: Mitsubishi

The fifth generation of Picard L200 has been in the market for less than four years, but it is Japanese
the car manufacturer ordered a detailed review. Not by accident. This is a picnic
the most important global Mitsubishi models. He has been traveling since 1978
the customers nearly 4.5 million copies, while the present
about 150 planetary markets. No wonder the Japanese on the L200 really
that matters, but the degree of change that the little bit has undergone is a surprise.
The novel appeared in the world premiere of Bangkok, Thailand
where it is produced at Laem Chabang.

There are new lanterns and a new bumper on the back.

We find new and new lights behind us
Author: Mitsubishi

Enhanced L200 at a glance. All revised
The front of the Dynamic Shield, known from the personal brand,
including the new Crossover Eclipse Cross. Horizontally divided lights,
the upper hood and the strong mudguards support the impression
robustness and reliability. It is not excluded that the more expensive versions
LED spotlights are displayed instead of the original xenon lamps. completely
new rear and rear bumper. There will be three again
version with two seater, short cab, extended Cab Cab and
4 door double cab with full 5-seater interior.

The interior has better plastic materials and new ...

The interior is of better quality
plastic and a new infotainment with a larger touch screen. The new steering wheel is also new
and the graphics of the devices.
Author: Mitsubishi

Changes in the cabin are not as shocking. However, Mitsubishi is installed
better plastic softening in the dashboard and door panels, and
a new multimedia interface with a larger touch screen. new
The instrument graphics are the steering wheel as well. Enhanced security takes care of them
Assistive Systems Known by Mitsubishi Citizens SUVs. For example, an alarm
before the collision, autonomous brakes that detect vehicles and pedestrians
blind nails as well as intersecting vehicles. new
The Multi Around Monitor can display a nearby environment with four cameras
vehicles from the perspective of birds, facilitating maneuvering in the area and
in confined space.

In the area, the L200 feels more comfortable thanks to ...

In the area, the L200 will still feel
thanks to the new off-road mode, which offers many driving modes
on different surfaces. Adjusts the performance of the engine, gearbox, and brake
interest in the best towing.
Author: Mitsubishi

The base is still a double trapezoidal reduction frame
the front shoulders and the rear rigid shaft suspension are sprung. more
comfort and stability, but create greater rear damping. The brakes are back
larger front wheels and larger stems. Changes have passed
drive both axles. This is based on the Easy Select system, which contains the corresponding drive
on the front axle, even while driving. The Super Select II is constant
both axes (40: 60) drive at 100 km / h. because
Under heavy conditions there is a reducer and a shutter
center and rear differential.

In addition to the luxury Double Cab version, the ...

In addition to the luxury Double Cab version
Two-seater boom "working" versions will also be available
the extended Cab Cab.
Author: Mitsubishi

The new off-road off-road is the new addition to both versions of the quad bike
pebbles, mud / snow, sand and rock.
The entire drive chain is adapted to the conditions. The reaction changes
motor, transmission, but also interference of traction control systems
wheels. The L200 can handle running smoothly on slippery surfaces.
When downhill, Hill Descent Control is used. It's under the hood
the 4-cylinder DI-D MiVEC 2.4-liter diesel engine with an atypical variable
valve timing. Your performance has not exceeded the car.
There are currently 113 or 133 kW.

The new six-speed automatic transmission replacing the older ones
5-speed automatic and 6-speed manual gearbox. expect
so we can achieve better dynamics and lower fuel consumption. Not excluded,
that they are fighting at least by injecting AdBlue
In Europe, where it will be sold in the summer of next year.
Mitsubishi expects about 180,000 L200 sales this year
older versions.

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