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Slovakian railway agony: in Rach there was a bus stop, in Trenčín the speed was interrupted

On the Trnava-Bratislava line, the train was over 2 hours late due to a fire

On Tuesday morning, evening in the evening, on the ZSR slopes, Facebook informed about the 3058 passenger train at Trnava – Bratislava hl. st. mosaic from the railway station due to an extraordinary event in Bratislava – Rača. One of the bombers hit the fire, resulting in a 150-minute delay. The Topky.sk event was confirmed by a spokesperson for the Slovak Railway Company (hereinafter: ZSSK).

Tomáš Kováč said that the cause and the amount of damages incurred are currently unknown and subject to further investigation. "It is possible to determine when the vehicle will operate based on vehicle inspection and damage detection." the spokesman explained. The train, according to his words, was given permission to leave the course at 00:55 and to replace the train to withdraw the whole train in Bratislava. st. "While the HKV is conducting an investigation, the stock is harmless and will continue to drive. The train arrived at the destination for 150 minutes. Kovac approached.

However, the company excludes malicious maintenance from malfunctioning. “We reject the claim that maintenance has been neglected. So-called mileage milestones lead to maintenance, but it all depends on a trick, " the speaker added.

Rychlík Košice passed through Bratislava with about 150 passengers

Railways also reported an extraordinary event on Wednesday at 8:27 pm. Rýchlik 612 Albapura on Košice 16: 07 – Bratislava hl. st. 21:47 Trenčín – Trenčín-Zlatovce broke up. The Topky.sk railway spokesman explained that the rifle was interrupted between the first-class car and the restaurant car.

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"In the first-class car, the towing device was damaged due to the incident and then disposed of in Trenčín and sent to Bratislava by REX 1732 Javorník (Bratislava 04:42 – Bratislava 06:42). – Bratislava, 22:00) and went to Trnava and Bratislava (IC 524 delayed 29 minutes). Kováč said about 40 passengers were left with a damaged speed and a 76-minute delay on their expected arrival."The reason (not preliminary) is currently unknown and the subject of the current investigation is" he added.

Most problems occurred last September

Recently, the railway has been another problem. Last September, the railway line was interrupted on the Kalná nad Hronom and Levice railway lines (on 5 September).

In the case of a broken traction line, the passenger remained on the train for hours, without water, eating and telling what would happen. The event took place between Bratislava Main Station and the Bratislava-Vohradrad Station (on September 6th).

Due to the disturbing rush, people had to walk from Bratislava to Vinohrady until September 11th.

The flames from Bratislava in Nové Zámký (19 September) included the regional term.

The fire broke out in the bus at Pezinok station (September 15).

The bus and one passenger car that ran from Sala to Galanta was a fire (September 18).

The failure of six bus drivers was recorded at night and the cheap freight train had to be removed from the track (25.9).

At the Nové Mesto train station on Tomášikova street in Bratislava on October 28, it was a car fire.

The Košice Bratislava posters started burning near the Hajnáček station near Fiľakov (7 December).

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