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On November 21, Korn Chatikavanij (headquarter), Bangkok (Bangkok) governor, revealed that the Ministry of Transport (KMITL) granted Bangkok the right to govern Chatuchak Weekend Market. From December 1 onwards, traders in the Chatuchak market will terminate the contract until February 2016 when Cabinet Decisions (Cabinet) Bangkok Bangkok handle the Chatuchak market. Bangkok will discuss meetings with the relevant agencies on November 23 to discuss the conditions, initially charging Bangkok a rental fee of 1,800 baht per panel per month. This falls on the state's previous station (SRT) to 3,157 per month. Gen. AS Knight said he has the right to sell the panel on the Chatuchak market. The BMA defines the terms under which a trader must grant 1 right to a 1 trading panel if there is no subcontract to resolve the current problem often leased by the panel owners at an inflated speed while simultaneously coordinating. Cooperation with the Bangladesh security department. (Bangkok Metropolitan Administration) to investigate and prove traders' rights. If you do not see the right people, they will not trade. At the same time, SRT will upload a total of 68 rai 1 areas […]

At the 1st dec. "Knights" Louis Vuitton merchants Chatuchak expensive tennis court. Lean Management first appeared at Nations.

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