$ 15,000 attracts thousands of guests after a secret Hasidic wedding

The wedding, held in Brooklyn for more than four hours, was held at the Yetev Lev D’Satmar Synagogue in Williamsburg and celebrated the marriage of Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, the grandson of Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum of Satu Mare. The bride was publicly identified by her initials, BK, and the name of her father, Rabbi Yitzchok Horowitz. Your full name could not be determined.

Last month, Satmar executives canceled another wedding in Williamsburg, which they said was expected to be held by ten thousand guests, to be held by Rabbi Teitelbaum’s brother and long rival, Ralman Zalman Teitelbaum’s granddaughter.

The wedding account was published on November 11 by the Yiddish-language newspaper der Blatt, which fits closely with the leadership of Satu Mare, Williamsburg.

He described the wedding as “an experience for which words are not enough,” and “a celebration that we rarely had the good fortune to experience,” according to a translation by Hasidic activists.

The newspaper also said it knew in advance about the wedding, but was involved in a plan designed to hide the event, “so as not to attract the evil eye from the greedy press and government officials who used the current situation in the past to disrupt it. already planned simcs ”is a Hebrew word for the joyous event.

“All the announcements about the upcoming holidays were sent orally, without written notice, there was no poster on the walls of the synagogue, no invitations were sent by post, and not even a report was published in publications, including this newspaper,” he wrote.

Tensions in the Hasidic community of New York have come under tension in recent months over restrictions to combat the coronavirus epidemic, which has left few families untouched by disease and death in many island regions.