2 bent suspects in shooting, officers killed after chasing Santiam Pass

(Update: suspect identified; details from Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, Bend and Salem Police)

Linn County Deputy, 3 OSP soldiers are shooting during the confrontation

GATES, Ore (KTVZ) – Tuesday night in a southeast bend Bendet, who pulled a gun and robbed a Dutch Bros coffee maker and Domino’s Pizza, stole an employee’s car and fled the pursuing police because of Santiam Pass. confrontation on Highway 22 near Gates, authorities said.

At around 10:15 p.m., bend police responded to a 911 call to expire Dutch Bros Coffee at 603 Southeast Third Street and Domino’s Pizza Restaurant, Sheriff Sgt of Deschutes County. Jayson Janes said Wednesday.

The suspect, identified as Brad Masters, 27, Bend, walked up to a drop-down window at Dutch Bros, waved a handgun and demanded money, then left on foot, Janes said. He then held up Domino’s pizza, also demanding money, then stole a car from a Domino employee and left with the undisclosed amount of cash before the officers arrived.

Deputies from the Oregon State Police and Deschutes County Sheriff were alerted to the robbery and the stolen car, Janes said.

The sheriff’s deputy was on Bend Parkway near milestone 138 when he noticed the stolen car racing south and tried to stop, losing sight of the car at the southern end of town near Romaine Village.

As the search area was established, another deputy watched Highway 20 west of Tumalo and saw a blue car passing around 90 to 100 mph, Janes said. The deputy caught up and confirmed that it was the stolen car whose driver refused to stop and accelerated upwards and headed west.

The MP interrupted the persecution as they approached the nurses. A Black Butte Ranch police officer made a thorn bar to try to flatten the tires, but the Masters were able to avoid them, Janes said.

West of the sisters, the deputy tried to catch up with the car again and kept trying to stop until he reached the county line east of Santiam Pass. The deputy was alone, so they decided to stop the chase, Janes said.

Marion and Linn County MPs, as well as the Oregon State Police, responded, found the car, and embarked on a chase that ended after the car was finally stopped with spiked stripes at 11:45 p.m. on State Highway 22, the 38th landmark. near, five miles east of Gates, said County Sheriff Jim Yon Linn.

“After stopping, the driver stepped out of the vehicle, a confrontation ensued, three soldiers and a Linn County deputy firing shots,” said Salem Police Lieutenant Treven Upkes, whose agency is leading the investigation into the shooting involving the officers.

The masters died at the scene, Upkes said, adding that no policeman was injured.

The shooting affected by the officer closed the 15-mile section of Highway 22 between Gates and Detroit in Santiam Canyon for about 10 hours.

The law enforcement officers involved were identified as Caleb Yoder, Michael Iacob and Joseph Sousa OSP soldiers who had been with the agency for 5 years and 10 months, 4 years 11 months, and 3 years and 10 months, Upkes said. .

The Linn County Deputy concerned was Brandon Rathelegurche, who had worked in the sheriff’s office for 2 years and 10 months.

All officers were placed on administrative leave, according to the agency’s policy.

In line with the deliberate use of the Marion County Law Enforcement Crimes Action Plan (“Plan SB111”), which outlines investigative standards for the investigation of lethal force, the unaffected Salem Police Headquarters was requested to conduct an investigation. Salem police investigators are working with the Marion County District Prosecutor’s Office to complete the investigation.

Once the investigation is complete, it is sent to the Marion County District Attorney’s Office for submission to the Grand Jury. No further investigation will be released, Upkes said, and any future information will be released by the Marion County District Attorney’s Office.

The masters ’criminal history includes crimes of counterfeiting and theft in 2017, when they were sentenced to five days in prison and 18 months probation, and in 2019, a first-degree theft offense and conviction that resulted in a 20-day prison sentence and two years probation. . Earlier this year, he pleaded guilty to his guilt and was sentenced to 10 days in prison and 18 months in probation.