26 state Republicans are calling for the revocation of presidential voter certification

By challenging the results of nationwide contests in the 2020 national elections, a group of Republican MPs announced their intention to introduce a resolution calling on Prime Minister Tom Wolf and Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar to revoke the November certificate. 3 election results in presidential and other national competitions.

Referring to their compromises, irregularities and irregularities under the Electoral Act, the 26 lawmakers said in a press release late Friday afternoon on postal voting, pre-selection and rejection that the issues raised in connection with the elections verification of the results achieved. ”

The proposed resolution, if introduced, will only have a short lifespan since the legislative session ends on Monday, November 30th.

The resolution contradicts an October statement by two Republican heads of state, Senator Jake Corman and MP Kerry Benninghoff, published by the Center Daily Times. Corman is the majority leader of the Senate and Kerry Beninghoff is the majority leader of the State House; both are from Center County.

“The Pennsylvania Assembly has not and will not have a hand in electing the state’s presidential voters or deciding the outcome of the presidential election. Referring to the opposite incorrectly implies fear for voters in Pennsylvania with an imaginary scenario that was not prescribed by law – or, in fact, anywhere, ”he said. “Pennsylvania law makes it clear that voters in the state are only elected by a referendum of voters in the Commonwealth.”

A spokesman for House Speaker Bryan Cutler of R-Lancaster County said Cutler was not involved in writing the decision. Cutler also did not plan a single working day to consider it before the end of the session.

A Benninghoff spokesman reiterated on Friday what the leaders of the House of Representatives had previously stated: Tradition has it that the winner of a referendum will win voters in a presidential race.

On Tuesday, Governor Tom Wolf confirmed the election results, according to which President-elect Joe Biden won the state more than 81,000 votes. In other nationwide contests, Republican nominee Timothy DeFoor and Republican Treasurer-candidate Stacy Garrity became the winners of their contest, while Democrat Democrat Josh Shapiro won his re-election bid as Attorney General.

Despite the fact that two of the three GOP candidates in the public finance ranks have been certified winners, lawmakers say they and the election of Biden’s presidential voters should be withdrawn or abandoned. The resolution also calls on Congress to “declare controversial the election of presidential voters in this community”.

Concerns about the fairness and integrity of elections raised by a group of legislators in some of the 21 clauses in their resolution are similar to those raised by President Donald Trump’s legal group at Wednesday’s Senate Committee on Majority Policy at the Wyndham Hotel in Gettysburg.

“It is imperative that we take these steps if we are to ensure public confidence in our electoral system. Belief in a government begins with the faith that underpins the election that selects that government. “Just as Pennsylvania led the founding of our nation, Pennsylvania must lead the way by ensuring that our community remains key in our nation, where free and fair elections are the biggest concern, regardless of the outcome of those elections. ”

Co-sponsors of the decision were Russ Diamond, Eric Nelson, Paul Schemel, Greg Rothman, Frank Ryan, Dawn Keefer, Mike Jones, David Rowe, Michael Puskaric, Barbara Gleim, Bud Cook, Cris. Dush, Stephanie Borowicz, David Zimmerman, Daryl Metcalfe, David Maloney, Dan Moul, Brad Roae, Kathy Rapp, Jim Cox, Rob Kauffman, Matthew Dowling, Eric Davanzo, Rich Irvin, Aaron Bernstine and Andrew Lewis.

State and local officials have consistently said there is no evidence of widespread election fraud.

Trump lost a number of legal challenges due to the election results in Pennsylvania. It happened last Friday when a federal appellate court panel refused to block a vote in Pennsylvania. Judge Stephanos Bibas wrote that there was no evidence to support his claim that the 2020 presidential election was unfair.

“The allegations of injustice are serious. But calling the election unfair doesn’t do that yet, ”Bibas wrote in a U.S. Court of Appeals opinion on Round 3. “The awards require specific claims and then proof. He’s not here either. … The statements of the Campaign have no merit. ”Bibas was nominated for court service in 2017 by Trump.

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