31 Best Black Friday Video Game Deals (2020): Switch, PlayStation, Xbox

Long before Black On Friday, a plethora of gaming deals swirled on the internet, including two new consoles: the PlayStation 5 and the release of the Xbox Series X. Now that the latest iterations have been released, previous generation games are everywhere enjoying discounts at the venue. It’s a good timing when we’re on the holiday season, but Covid-19 is still raging in the country and most can’t see the family. Video games are a great way to stay in touch with loved ones over a safe distance. We hope your favorite Black Friday video games and additional offers help with these trying times.

Note: We break through the items sold or are no longer on the transaction price at the time of publication. Discounts sometimes come back, so check it out for yourself. We will update this guide throughout the weekend.

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Updated November 28: We checked all links and prices, added The Awakening of Legend of Zelda: Link and replaced a portable charger in the Nintendo Switch Deals section.

Black Friday coverage of WIRED

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Nintendo Switch offers

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Nintendo’s home and on-the-go console has been a popular little boy since it was released in 2017 and will only get better over time. With a robust library of AAA and indie games to choose from, Switch is my favorite couch sidemate these winter months. See our Best Switching Accessories and Best Switching Games guides for more choices.