5 information until November 27: Covid-19, Flynn, Election, Turkey, Venezuela

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1. Coronavirus

2. Michael Flynn

President Trump has announced on Twitter that he has given “complete grace” to his first national security adviser, Michael Flynn. The retired lieutenant general was an important player in the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 elections and pleaded sworn to be guilty of lying to the FBI while serving as a national security adviser. But Flynn has since claimed his innocence, and Trump has referred to it at political rallies as a political symbol. Trump had previously granted pardon to Roger Stone, another ally involved in the investigation, and these acts of mercy are likely to color the president’s legacy in the waning days of his administration. Nevertheless, this grace does not necessarily mean that Flynn’s legal obligations have passed. Flynn admitted he lied for his lobby for Turkey, but was not charged with this crime, and the Biden government’s Ministry of Justice may have further questions for him.

Option 3 2020

President Trump first said he would resign if the Electoral College votes President-elect Joe Biden on Dec. 14, reaffirming confidence in a peaceful transition to power – which should be a decisive consequence in a democracy. The president also said he was traveling to Georgia to support the state’s Republican Senate candidates ahead of the January 5 election. The two races could overthrow the majority of the Senate. Meanwhile, Biden has to face the test of whether Trump-era safety regulations should be kept in place. His team and team will soon have to decide whether to maintain the Trump administration’s blockade of extremely sensitive information, such as transcripts of presidential calls with foreign leaders. These calls were previously shared with a wide audience that held security screenings, but the Trump administration said it was concerned they might leak.

4. Turkey

Hundreds of people have been sentenced to life in prison in Turkey in a huge, high-profile case related to a 2016 coup attempt. Most of the 475 defendants received at least one life sentence and 70 were acquitted. The allegations stemmed from a coup attempt that involved widespread violence and military activity in Istanbul and Ankara, the country’s two largest cities. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Fethullah Gulen, a Muslim cleric living in the United States, of directing the events. Although Gulen denied this, the government arrested nearly 100,000 followers and about 150,000 were fired for government work, including in the military. Turkey has also pushed the country back against the press, academics and political opposition in the years since the coup attempt.

5. Venezuela

CITGO 6, a group of U.S. oil executives arrested on corruption charges in Venezuela in 2017, was found guilty and sentenced to between eight and 13 years in prison. The verdicts continue the saga that began three years ago when men called the head of the Venezuelan oil giant PDVSA, who invited them to Caracas for a last-minute budget discussion. Upon their arrival, armed and masked security agents arrested them on embezzlement charges, never implementing a proposal to refinance billions in CITGO bonds by offering a 50% stake. CITGO said it was “anxious to read about this result,” and a source familiar with the case said efforts to secure the release of men would continue.


The college basketball season is now underway

The goal? Keep things safe enough to start the March frenzy next year.

Drake and the week

The increasingly popular and successful The Weeknd was among this year’s nominees.

Whole Foods sent an ominous email to some turkey shoppers on Thanksgiving Day

If you don’t get your appetite, it’s an email notification that turkey is one of those small numbers that doesn’t meet “high quality expectations”.

Internet father smashes Mads Mikkelsen to replace Johnny Depp in “Fantastic Animals” franchise

Hannibal, meet Grindelwald.

While wearing Rockettes masks, she performs at the Thanksgiving Parade

Pull down the flawless precision dance number? Effective. Toy soldier in hats and masks? Legendary.


Argentine football legend Diego Maradona He died Wednesday at the age of 60. Maradona is considered one of the greatest who has ever played a game and is a widespread name in her homeland and beyond. Argentine President Alberto Fernandez has declared three days of national mourning over his passing.



That number of employees Walt Disney Co. now plans to lay off until March, an increase of about 4,000 since it first announced its large-scale job cuts in September. Disney has also warned that it may need to cut retirement and retirement plans, or reduce investment in TV and film production, or need additional staff.

Today’s quote

“Keep the faith. We will go through all this and become a better society because of this.”

Alex Trebek, a posthumous encouraging message from the pre-tapped “Jeopardy!” Thanksgiving episode. The beloved TV presenter died this month after battling pancreatic cancer.


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It’s starting to look very …

If only all the ornaments had risen as fast as the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree this time. (Click here to view.)