5 key takeaways from Trump’s 46-minute video game

President Donald Trump began his 46-minute speech, reiterating the many allegations that the election was somehow stolen from him, despite the fact that he had so far failed to provide evidence to substantiate such allegations.

According to network calls, Biden convincingly won the election with 306 voters ’college votes. He is working on the transition, and the administration is cooperating with this, despite Trump refusing to agree.

Down Newsweek looks at the key takeaways of Trump’s title.

Still don’t give up

The bottom line is that Trump, despite growing calls for it, clearly doesn’t want to quit yet.

Rumors have arrived about a 2024 run, the poll showed he will be at the forefront of such an offer. Reports based on anonymous sources so far also suggest you can start this on the inauguration day.

No matter what grumbles there are about this: for now, it’s still pushing in 2020.

“In fact, there’s still plenty of time left to prove the right winner of the election, and that’s why we’re fighting,” he said.

President Donald Trump speaks in the White House Diplomatic Hall on Thanksgiving Day, November 26th. He continued to dispute the election results with fraud and irregularities.
Erin Schaff / Pool / Getty Images

Trump largely repeated the points of the past: the statements of poll observers were ruled out, the dead were suggested that the votes were counted, the votes were emptied, and the software malfunctioned.

Such allegations have been largely refuted, and neither the President nor his allies have been able to substantiate such allegations extensively.

Voting dumping, for example, seems to be largely based on how the votes were counted – first the personal ballots, then the mail and longer. There are indications that Trump probably had stronger personal support and then Biden was higher in the mail. This proved to be largely true and explains why Trump seemed to be doing better at first before the votes of the absent were thrown into the equation.

With another signal that Trump is reluctant to admit his defeat, he filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Electoral Commission, alleging that “Wisconsin government officials have committed illegal and unconstitutional acts.”

… But “accepts all exact election results”

Amid repeated allegations of fraud and irregularities in which he reached an old, disputed, or refuted land, Trump suggested that when everything is broken down to his satisfaction, he would accept the result.

“I am finally ready to accept all the exact election results and I hope Joe Biden does the same,” he said.

This follows similar remarks in which he said if the Electoral College were to vote for Biden, he would leave the White House.

Although the Trump campaign has been recounting, these have so far shown accurate results. Nor have the lawsuits of his team and allies revealed any frauds or irregularities that could change the outcome of the election.

Newsweek asked the Trump campaign when the president would consider the result accurate.

Dominion is still under fire

Dominion Voting Systems remains one of the main goals of the President’s rhetoric.

He insisted on his claims that there had been a mass exchange of votes, similar to the allegations Sidney Powell, a lawyer summoned by the Trump campaign, from him to Biden.

Such allegations have been disputed. According to a joint statement issued by the Federal Agency for Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security by 2020: “There is no evidence that any voting system has canceled or lost its votes, changed its votes, or been endangered in any way.”

He referred to a tabular error in a Michigan county that he said “nearly 6,000 votes were mistakenly switched from Trump to Biden.”

However, this actually proved to be a tabular problem that is the result of human error – not Dominion or Dominion’s fault.

Newsweek asked the Trump campaign for further comments on Dominion and the president pursuing this point.

Georgia’s runaway integrity debate

Trump voters questioned why they should vote in the Georgian Senate’s run-down elections, reiterating the voting demands he made to lose their desire to do so.

And while Trump has to travel to Georgia to support Republicans leaving there, Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, once again questioned the integrity of the vote there.

“David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are two huge people. Unfortunately, the same terrible Dominion system is used in Georgia, and it turns out that hundreds of thousands are thinking about it, hundreds of thousands have been asked for missing ballots. You see who is asking for these ballots.”