5 notes for November 24: Biden, coronavirus, Nigeria, China, release

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1. Election 2020

2. Coronavirus

Under the new forecast model, the United States could reach 20 million cumulative coronavirus cases by January 20th. This means that cases – already at record highs in some areas – will almost double by then. Every day for two weeks, it has set a new record high in the number of hospitalizations for the coronavirus. That number now exceeds 85,800. And is this the optimistic news about AstraZeneca vaccination, with an average effective rate of 70%? Medical experts still have many questions about these findings, such as what data the drug manufacturer drew its conclusions about its effectiveness. When it comes to making the vaccine available, members of the U.S. Center for Disease Prevention and Control’s advisory committee remind people that they may feel a little unwell after being vaccinated – this is a common side effect.

3. Nigeria

Officials from the Nigerian city of Lagos are investigating the shooting of protesters by military forces during widespread anti-police brutality demonstrations last month. However, the key evidence raises more questions than answers. Footage from the Lagos state government’s security camera of the Lekki toll gate shooting was played by the court panel over the weekend. The footage shows the soldiers approaching the protesters and firing shots, but it moves at a critical moment when another video from the scene shows the army shooting directly at the protesters. The United States and the United Kingdom have called on Nigeria to ensure that its investigation into the shooting – and the whole week of protests leading to the incident – is free and fair.

4. China

China seems to be building quite a bit along the disputed border with India and Bhutan. The Doklam area in the Himalayas paused for months in 2017, and new satellite images from a U.S.-based company show “significant construction activity,” including the construction of “new military storage bunkers.” Doklam is also referred to by China and Bhutan, but is also strategically important to India. Not only are Bhutan and India traditionally allies, but earlier this year China and India clashed separately along another disputed borderland, where 20 soldiers died. This pattern of Chinese fortification and possible border intrusion echoes the country’s recent behavior in the South China Sea, where it has strengthened its position in a number of disputed areas.

5. Emissions

Remember when we hoped the falling pandemic would lead to cleaner air? That didn’t happen. The concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has risen to a new record high this year, according to the World Meteorological Organization. It turned out that the reduction in pandemic-related CO2 emissions was just a tiny slip in a much larger landscape. In related news, General Motors announced that it would withdraw support from a Trump administrative lawsuit seeking to deprive California of its decades-long right to establish its own automatic emission rules, which are generally stricter than federal rules. Other automakers have joined the Trump lawsuit, saying they fear they will have to comply with two regulations. Next year, however, with a new administration, GM bowed. Speaking of which, Biden has appointed a new presidential envoy to tackle the climate crisis: former Secretary of State John Kerry.


“Infantry soldiers on leave”

David Dinkins, the first African-American mayor of New York City, died at the age of 93. Dinkins, a native of New Jersey, was the city’s 106th mayor from 1990 to 1993.

“Dancing with the Stars” crowned a new champion

The Mirrorball Trophy is basically the Stanley Cup of Reality Awards for Celebrity Performance.

– Jeopardy! Ken Jennings is named the first temporary host after the death of Alex Trebek

Because only one Goat can fill another Goat’s shoes.

These are Netflix’s highest festive romantic complexes

Why, yes, we fall into a huge blanket and look at it for five hours in a row, why do you ask?

Ford’s new F-150 4×4 SuperCrew Limited hybrid features a massage seat

Transporting stuff to your local solid waste disposal unit and then rubbing: It will deliver you a truck that can do both.

An invasive, snake-like hammerhead worm appears in Georgia

NO. Stop. The worms are technically not bugs, but the ghost still stands: No More Scary Bugs 2020 !!!!!


Yes, Virginia, turkey will be a grace

Despite many changes around the White House and an otherwise easy schedule, this month President Trump is attending the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Grace today.


7 million

It recalls so many GMs and SUVs worldwide due to airbag problems. The recall focuses on a defect in the airbags manufactured by Takata, a currently bankrupt Japanese manufacturer, that causes the bags to explode, scattering debris in the vehicle.


“I think of often persecuted peoples: the Rohingya, the poor Uyghurs, the Yazidis – which ISIS was really cruel to them – or the Egyptian and Pakistani Christians who were killed by bombs praying in the temple.”

Pope Francis, in his new book, “Let ‘s Dream: The Way to a Better Future.” This detail is significant because the pope first officially mentions the Chinese Uighur minority as “persecuted,” silencing widespread human rights abuses against the group.


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The history of pumpkin pie

I hope you remembered to take the turkey out of the freezer because time is a waste! (Click here to view.)