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5 Things to Know on March 5: House Test, Alabama Tornado, Venezuela, HIV, Luke Perry

1. House examination

House Democrats have begun President Donald Trump's examinations, and the House's Judicial Committee has requested documents from 81 persons and Trump's career. The mammoth test, which is about the President's campaign, businesses, transition, and administration, may be a sign that their Democrats have established Trump's retaliation. According to Jerry Nadler House Justice Trump, Trump attacked the "basic functions" of American democracy. The inquiry was asked that the president rejected the whole as "disappointment", while the White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, said the Democrats had launched a "fishing expedition" because "their two-year false narrative" collapses in Russia " . "

2. Alabama tornadoes

The stories of survival began to precipitate from Lee County, Alabama, as the area began cleaning up a tornado that killed 23 people. Lee County was hit by two twister and one was a real monster. EF-4 was a tornado, 170 mph wind. It was nearly a mile away and destroyed the destructive road for 65 miles. Alabama is what is known as Dixie Alley, a tornado-prone belt that extends from East Texas to Georgia. As the survivors of the tornadoes pick up the pieces, they have to fight the cold. This week, an Arctic explosion is taking place in the eastern two thirds of the country, including parts of Alabama that are drawn from twists.

3. Venezuela

Juan Guaido was arrested when he returned to Venezuela. Otherwise he came home. Guaido, a self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela, greeted the masses at Caracas airport and a later rally. Guaido, with Nicolas Maduro, president of the country's leadership, had many tours, met with several South American presidents, and US Vice President Mike Pence. Guaido hopes to continue to exert pressure on Madura, who is facing serious criticism of Venezuela's intensifying humanitarian crisis. Most Western countries and regional neighbors now recognize Guaido as Venezuelan leader, but Maduro is hanging on power because the army remains loyal to it.

4. HIV

Is there a second person healed from HIV? Some scientists think. In the UK, only a male identified as a "London patient" experienced persistent remission of HIV-1 after treating the donors who had a rare genetic mutation with a stem cell transplant that was resistant to the disease. The case study is published in Nature. More than a decade ago, a person called "Berlin patient" was cured by the same method in HIV.

5. Luke Perry

Luke Perry had a role in his acting career, but we would always be Dylan, "Beverly Hills, 90210. Perry, 52, died of a massive stroke on Monday, Hollywood and the world was stunned. Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar spoke many when Dylan and her friends formulated the "highest school experience" in the most famous ZIP codes. But Perry has done many other things, including "Goodwill" and "Buffy in Vampire Killer", Broadway in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", and other small screen strikes. Archie's father's role in "Riverdale", the CW drama, Archie comics.


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