70 percent of Republicans would join or consider joining the Trump Party: Voting

A significant majority of Republicans are either joining or considering joining a new political party created by former President Donald Trump, new polls show.

While many GOP lawmakers and Republican organizations are working to distance themselves and Trump from Trump, a majority of GOP voters appear to continue to strongly support him. A majority of Republican MPs in Congress also aligned with Trump, and nearly 150 of them formally objected to President Joe Biden’s victory when the election votes were confirmed in January.

A recent CBS News / YouGov poll conducted from February 5-8 shows that 33 percent (one-third) of Republicans said yes to the question of joining a new party formed by Trump. Another 37 percent said “maybe,” meaning 70 percent would join a Trump-centric party or consider joining. Only 30 percent of Republicans said no.

In addition, 71 percent of Republicans say GOP lawmakers who voted to indict Trump or will support his conviction are “unfaithful.” Only 29 percent said they see these legislators as “principled.” Only 21 percent of Republicans said they believed Trump encouraged the Jan. 6 violence against the U.S. Capitol, for which it was reported a second time a week later, on Jan. 13.

A significant majority of Republicans join or are considering joining the new political party created by former President Donald Trump. In this photo, Trump speaks to Andrews Common Base fans before he last took up the presidency of Air Force One on January 20th.
Pete Marovich – Pool / Getty

Ten Republicans voted for Democrats to indict Trump last month for supporting a violent uprising by his supporters. Prior to the attack on the legislative branch, Trump repeatedly urged his supporters to come to Washington for “wild” demonstrations. At a morning meeting near the Capitol on Jan. 6, Trump told his adherents to march to the Legislature Building and “fight hell” to keep him in power. A crowd of Trump fans then rushed to the Capitol to try to overthrow President Joe Biden’s victory. Five people died in the violence.

Liz Cheney, a Wyoming Republican MP who chairs the House Republican Conference, voted to hold accountable and condemned Trump’s actions. Although the high-profile GOP lawmaker said Trump should not be a part of his party’s progress, polls say he has not made progress with the Republican base.

“It was a lie that the election was stolen or that the election was robbed, and that’s what people need to understand,” Cheney said. Fox News on Sunday last weekend. “We need to ensure that, as Republicans, we are a party of truth and honest with what really happened in 2020, so we really have a chance to win in 2022 and win the White House in 2024.”

Cheney insisted that Trump “has no role as leader of our party.”

Cheney was censored by the Wyoming Republican Party for his opposition to Trump. Several other GOP lawmakers and prominent Republicans have been censored by state and local party chapters over criticism of the former president.