A baby born from a 27-year-old donated embryo set a record

A Tennessee couple again broke the record for the birth of the oldest frozen embryo when they greeted their daughter Molly in October.

Tina and Ben Gibson have used a process called embryo adoption that allows expectant parents to receive donated embryos, NBC News was told Wednesday. Molly is the couple’s second successful embryo adoption with the National Embryo Donation Center; Emma’s daughter was born in 2017 from a 24-year-old embryo.

While this is not the path she expected when she sought to start a family, Tina Gibson said being a mother to her two daughters is “such a miracle”. The process was a “leap of faith” for him after fighting infertility.

Molly baby.Haleigh Crabtree Photography

“I was really afraid that my heart was open to the possibility of pregnancy,” Tina Gibson said. – I was so scared he wouldn’t go. And then it would break away from me again.

She also said she had become more grateful for her children because of her experience.

The clinic staff is “excited” about the Gibson, said Dr. Jeffrey Keenan, president of the National Embryo Donation Center.

“Embryo adoption is a fantastic opportunity for many couples,” Kennan said. “It’s an exceptionally successful and very cost-effective solution, and sometimes it’s really the only option for couples where the mother can really experience pregnancy and the birth of a child.”

The center specializes in protecting the destruction of embryos, allowing families to donate fertilized eggs to others who may not be able to produce a healthy embryo.

Molly’s embryo, which was frozen in 1992, is the oldest known embryo to give birth, writes the University of Tennessee Preston Medical Library.

The fact that Molly was born from such an old embryo, frozen with less reliable technology than is currently available, is a good sign of how long the viability of frozen embryos can remain “there is no real-time limit,” Keenan said.

“We expect even greater viability, and we expect this to be a relatively common story in 27 years,” Keenan said.