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A big blow to the Canadian Trudeau, the second minister to quit the scandal

OTTAWA (Reuters) – When the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau struck a serious blow, the second member of the cabinet resigned on Monday saying he lost confidence in how the government treated the growing political scandal.

FILE PHOTO: Jane Philpott, newly appointed Minister of Finance, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, at the Truffle Cabinet shuffle, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, January 14, 2019. REUTERS / Patrick Doyle / File Photo

The departure of the recently appointed Chairman of the General Council, Jane Philpott, who was responsible for government spending, deprives Trudeau of another huge female cabinet just a few months before the election, which shows that he may lose.

Philpott regretted the government's response that last year, Jody Wilson-Raybould, former Minister of Justice, had not put enough pressure on helping the large construction company of SNC-Lavalin Group Inc to avoid corruption negotiations.

"Unfortunately, I lost confidence in how the government dealt with this issue and how it responded to the issues raised," Philpott said in a statement. "I found that I must resign as a member of the Cabinet."

Philpott Wilson-Raybould's close friend, who himself resigned on February 12, after being unexpectedly destroyed in January. Wilson-Raybould said last week he was convinced he was not willing to help SNC-Lavalin behind the spoilage.

Andrew Scheer, leader of the official opposition conservative party, repeatedly called on Trudeau to stop amidst the "ethical rot" as he said to undermine the rule of law.

"Jane Philpott's resignation from the cabinet clearly shows that the shameful Prime Minister, who is scandalous and focused on political survival, is leading the entire chaos," Toronto said.

Trudeau accepted the resignation and later dealt with the matter on Monday, a spokesman said.

The departure of Philpott, which was appointed on January 14, is another downturn for the prime minister who came to power in November 2015, who promises "sunny trips" to take greater responsibility in politics and a greater number of women ministers.

"The Trudeau liberals are concerned about the fact that the two cabinet resignations took place on theoretical and ethical issues," said Nan Nanos's researcher.

"The second cancellation asks the question – what happened and can there be more cancellations," he said in an email.

Other members of the Trudeau government, including Finance Minister Bill Morneau, said they would stay in the cabinet.

Philpott said that the efforts of politicians and officials prove that Wilson-Raybould had serious concerns. Wilson-Raybould Philpott tweeted "being the leader of vision and power, and I look forward to working together."

Philpott, 58, was widely regarded as one of the Prime Ministers of Trudeau. Previously he served as Minister of Health and Minister for Local Services.

Most Liberal MPs have supported Trudeau so far, but there are signs of tension.

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Celina Caesar-Chavannes, the Liberal Legislator, who is not looking for a re-election, tweeted that "when you recruit women, please do not wait for the status quo. We look forward to making the right decisions, getting out right and quitting if the values ​​are damaged. "

Gerald Butts, who stepped out of SNC-Lavalin last year at Secretary General Trudeau, will testify to the House of Commons Justice Committee on Wednesday at 10am ET (1,500 GMT) and ET (1,700 GMT).

Wilson-Raybould, in his testimony of the committee last week, appointed Butts as an officer who was particularly difficult to reconsider. During the questioning he said he did not respect the officials.

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