A blizzard closes roads and freeways throughout northeast Ohio

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A winter storm that began Monday night and lasted Tuesday resulted in roadblocks and minor car accidents in northeast Ohio, say police and city officials in the region.

The storm dropped 8 to 12 inches of snow in communities in northeast Ohio, causing school dropouts and power outages. In some parts of the regions, at least 18 inches can be seen before the storm subsides, the Cleveland National Meteorological Service said.

As of 10 a.m. Tuesday, police did not report any serious accidents resulting in a serious accident.

The Ohio Department of Transportation has warned drivers to take care of bridges that are extremely slippery due to the accumulation of ice and snow. ODOT currently has more than 300 trucks destined for roads and highways in northeast Ohio, 70 of which are in Cleveland.

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Here are some closed Tuesdays until 1 p.m.

• An accident at 1 p.m., according to ODOT, closed the ramp to Ohio 8 and Warrensville Road from 480 Interstate East.

• ODOT reported an accident around noon on Ohio’s 237 North Ramp, 480 Interstate East. The ramp is locked.

• ODOT reported an accident around 10 p.m. in the north lane of State 71 in Cleveland, near the 140th West Street exit. The accident is expected to result in lane closures after Nyugati 150th Street, ODOT says.

• Avon police are urging motorists to avoid the 90th Interstate Nagel Road exit after two half and one cars get stuck in the snow. The closure will affect the eastbound lane and police have not said how long it will take to move the semis off the road, said Jim Drozdowski, a spokesman for Avon Police.

• An accident in the southern lane of State 77 near Rockside Road in Independence could result in a lane closure.

• It crashed in the west lane of State 480, blocking the left lane of a highway near State Road 14 and Broadway Avenue. ODOT calls on motorists to avoid this highway.

• On the I-480 motorway east, a car trapped in the snow blocked the west-facing ramp at the Miles Road exit.

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