A few hours of flu-like symptoms? It is ‘completely’ worth it for this woman who participated in the Covid-19 vaccine trial

That was the experience of the side effects of Susan Froehlich after taking two shots of an experimental Moderna Covid-19 vaccine. And if necessary, he will do it “completely” again.

“I woke up with a horrible stomach ache and headache, and it was like I was in the early stages of bad flu,” Froehlich told CNN Friday night under the coronavir global town hall. “And so, I had nothing to undertake for him at the time, so I was really in pain about four hours later when my husband woke up and persuaded him to buy me some Naproxen.”

“All these symptoms are gone. If I had received Naproxen immediately, I think these symptoms would have subsided faster. But my muscles hurt, my joints hurt, my bones hurt, my jaw hurts,” he said. – But it was such a short time.

She and her husband, Dr. Thomas Froehlich, who treats cancer patients, received the first dose of the vaccine or placebo on August 21st. Participants in the blinded study were not told which one.

After the second dose on Sept. 18, he said he woke up painfully in the middle of the night 12 hours later. “Every part of my body hurt for about four hours,” Anderson told Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Her husband was not surprised by the symptoms she thinks are common when people receive some medication.

Susan and Dr. Thomas Froehlich

He had no symptoms and believes he must have received a placebo.

Susan Froehlich said she would “definitely, reach out” to take the vaccine again if it goes through a similar reaction.

“And if I need to get this once a year, I can bet I’ll be first in line,” she said. “We all need to get this vaccine. It’s much better than getting the disease. Now we had more friends and relatives who came down with Covid and I don’t want to survive.”

Her husband agreed, adding that she would advise cancer patients to take it because it was “completely safe.”

“What you’re going through is certainly not awful, and it’s better than getting the virus,” he said.