A Georgia lawsuit alleges nearly 200,000 registered voters were not improperly cleaned up.

Georgia’s voter advocacy groups on Wednesday filed a lawsuit asking the federal court to oblige the state to reinstate nearly 200,000 citizen names on its voter registration list ahead of the January running races at the state’s two senate headquarters, which determine Washington’s balance of power.

In a lawsuit filed in the northern district of Georgia, three voter advocacy groups said the state had incorrectly removed 198,000 people from its electoral register in 2019 on the grounds that they had changed their address.

The Georgia chapter of the U.S. Civil Rights Union released a report in September based on a study by progressive independent journalist Greg Palast, who found that most of the 300,000 people removed had not changed their address. Thousands of voters have died or moved since the investigation ended, but more than 195,000 people have been wrongly affected, the lawsuit says.

According to a statement by the Georgian ACLU, “young voters, lower-income voters and citizens of racial groups who have previously been denied their sacred suffrage” are likely to be removed from the list.

The lawsuit was born after a couple of fighting Senate races in which none of the leading candidates received 50 percent of the vote and sent both races to the run on January 5th. One race pits Republican Senator David Republika against Democrat Jon Ossoff. In the other, Senator Kelly Loeffler, also a Republican, faces a democratic challenge from Reverend Raphael Warnock. If the Democrats win both races, they will actually control the Senate.

The Georgian Secretary of State’s office, headed by Brad Raffensperger, did not respond immediately to the request for an opinion. But at a separate press conference on Wednesday, Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s implementation manager for the voting system, rejected the allegations.

“I’m not going,” he said when asked if his office had deleted nearly 200,000 voters from the registration lists. “Honestly, I haven’t seen or heard of this lawsuit yet.”

Since the election, Mr. Raffensperger’s office has been strained by baseless allegations of voter fraud by the Trump campaign. Mr Raffensperger has repeatedly said that the results of the Georgian elections were credible.

LaTosha Brown, head of the Black Voters Matter Fund, one of the litigants, says the election issue is not voter fraud.

“It was an electoral repression,” he told a news conference Wednesday with members of other advocacy groups. – Mass repression of voters.