A meteoric fireball flies near Buffalo

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) – The sunny sky was torn apart by a striped meteor and then bombarded by a loud bang near Wednesday noon.

The object entered the Earth’s atmosphere above Lake Ontario and fired southwest into the sky, starting near Syracuse, striping all the way to Jamestown.

As he entered, he blew up the air and caused a thunderous boom that was reported on both sides of Lake Ontario, with numerous reports from the towns of downtown New York.

Shortly after 12 o’clock, the meteor began to burn so brightly that it blinded the cameras at Toronto’s CN Tower as it continued its journey to Buffalo.

Eyewitnesses in southern New York and Ontario reported seeing the falling star, but one resident named Bekka was seen in a perfect location for a voyeur as he passed overhead.

His eyes and camera caught in the wake of the meteor during a short flight from Batavia to Buffalo.

It stands in an azure azure sky, and the meteor can be seen as a white stripe in the sky zipped at a tremendous speed, making it a little nervous in the moments after its passing.

While there was noise and fireballs, no damage or impacts were reported until Wednesday night.