A mother blames a tragic accident for killing her 8-year-old son in Canton

CANTON TOWNSHIP, Michigan (WXYZ) – The little boy who lost his life in a Cantonese town after relatives called it a tragic random shoot is 8-year-old Jack Bennett.

“Cheerful kid. Everyone loved it. He could get away with anything with two little dimples, ”said Tammy Snyder, the little boy’s mom.

Snyder said Jack and he were the only children of his father, their joy and loved his father. He loved airplanes, trains, trucks, and said he wanted to be trash when he grew up.

“He loved fishing with his father, he loved watching all kinds of movies, especially Nightmare before Christmas,” he said.

Their family was at their home outside of Old Michigan Avenue on Tuesday afternoon when Jack asked if he could watch that movie. Her mother says she was about to pick it up when it happened.

“It was a crazy accident. It was supposedly an unfilled gun, and my husband only did maintenance on it, as usual. He wasn’t supposed to have a round or anything like that, he said.

The gun somehow went out and a bullet hit Jacket. Canton police said he was taken to hospital but doctors could not rescue him.

Jack was a student at the Wayne-Westland School District. There were advisors for students and staff on Wednesday.

“Our hearts are heavy. This student has caused love and joy in the classroom and will be missed by classmates and staff. Said John Dignan, the district supervisor.

Tammy says she and her husband are shattered, heartbreaking, lost thinking only of the little boy who was their world. He was detained by police, pending possible charges related to his son’s death.

“He was just a good kid,” he said.

Police say the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the evidence to determine if charges are being filed.

Lawyer Terry Johnson, who specializes in gun safety and criminal defense, says even accidents can lead to serious charges. Johnson says it’s important to clean the guns every time.