A mysterious shiny monolith found in the otherworld of the Utah desert

Deep in the Mars-like landscape of Utah’s red rock desert lies a mystery: a glittering metal monolith is found in one of the most remote parts of the state.

The smooth, tall structure was discovered during a helicopter survey of big-horned sheep in southeastern Utah, officials said Monday.

The crew of the Utah Public Safety and Wildlife Division spotted the glittering object from the air on Nov. 18 and landed to check it out during a break.

They found a three-sided stainless steel object as tall as two men. No clues were discovered as to who or why he might have driven into the ground among the undulating red rocks, and why, but officials released the extraterrestrial help.

“This thing isn’t from another world,” Lieutenant Nick Street said of the Utah Highway Patrol, on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security.

Yet it is obvious that some planning and work was required to build the 10-12 foot long monolith and embed it in the rock.

The exact location is so remote that officials don’t publish it publicly, fearing people may get lost or trying to get stuck and need to be rescued.

The monolith recalls what is in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 film “Odyssey of Space”. Some believe it may be an art installation, although it is illegal to place art objects in a federal public space without a permit.

Officials from the Office of Land Management are investigating how long he has been there, who could have created and removed it.

This is not the first time a mysterious monolith has appeared in the American West. In January 2001, a squat and shiny structure materialized on the windswept Seattle hilltop and then disappeared as inexplicably as it seemed.