A new metal monolith appeared out of nowhere in California, but it didn’t last long

The silver column was reported Wednesday afternoon at the top of the Pine Mountain Loop at Stadium Park in Atascadero, which is nearly halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

“We don’t know how he got there and he’s apparently gone,” Deputy Mayor Terrie Banish told CNN. Atascadero News reported that a group of men removed it in early Thursday.

Banish says the city has no plans to investigate the monument or its disappearance, but will remove the rebar or reinforcing bar that was used to secure it to the ground because they don’t want anyone to be injured.

The three-sided metal memorial has become a bit of a social media sensation for a short time while it was in place.

Michelle Gilsdorf read about the appearance of the monolith on a social Facebook page and decided to look it up.

He told CNN it took about 30 minutes to get to the subject.

“I know the trail very well, it’s a semi-moderate hike, Fitbit was 81 miles from the trail on Capistrano Avenue to the top as we went uphill,” Gilsdorf said. “I saw a little bit of him from the trail, so I knew it wasn’t all joke that something was up.

Banish said the monolith was 10 to 12 feet high and weighed approximately 200 pounds.

“No one has ever seen it installed,” he said, although the trail is very popular.

This is the latest mystery object that has appeared in recent weeks, but it is not known if they are related to each other.

The mystery deepened last week when the Utah Land Bureau reported that the monolith had disappeared.