A new monolith is located in Atascadero, California, on the hill

A third strange, probably stainless steel monolith that emerged from nowhere was spotted in California on Wednesday.

“There is currently a monolith at the top of the Pine in Atascadero!” tweeted Connor Allen on Wednesday afternoon.


Atascadero News reported that it was 10 feet high and 18 inches wide and could be pushed over.

The second monolith mysteriously “disappeared” after news spread on social media when it appeared on a Romanian hillside

Local media reported that the strange structure had been removed on Sunday night, but it is unclear who took it over. Jurnalfm said locals at the time saw “strange lights” in the area.

The 9.8-foot-tall, 13.1-meter-high metal structure was near the ancient Petrodava fortress, the output said.

Shortly after the discovery of the first monolith, the Romanian monolith became a virus in a distant Utah desert.

A mysterious monolith ‘disappears’ from the distant Utah desert

The first strange structure, originally spotted in Utah, was also removed by an unknown party, the state’s Bureau of Agriculture confirmed.

During Saturday’s site visit, the office’s team said an unknown person or group had removed the illegally installed structure, which they call a “monolith” on the evening of November 27th.

Estimating the height between 10 feet and 12 feet, which is considered to be some kind of metal, it was discovered by state wildlife employees while counting sheep from a helicopter. The structure provoked comparisons with a similar-looking board in Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film, “2001: Space Odyssey”.

Police are not launching a major investigation into the disappearance of the mysterious silver monolith. Its creator remains a mystery.

It attracted crowds after the monolith was spotted on November 18 by crews of state helicopters, helping wildlife biologists count the big-horned sheep.

Utah officials did not say exactly where the monolith was, but people soon found it using satellite images taken back to 2016 and determined its GPS coordinates.