A White House Justice Department liaison was banned from the building

Heidi Stirrup got into a position after Chief of Staff Mark Meadows informed federal agencies in September that the White House had replaced all of their contacts, which could be seen as broadly incorporating loyalists into roles. After just a short job, Stirrup will no longer be admitted to the Department of Justice after trying to provide information for which he did not respect a possible case of voter fraud, a person familiar with the case told CNN.
The Associated Press reported on this development for the first time. The White House staff office did not respond immediately to CNN’s comments. The Ministry of Justice did not want to comment.
White House contacts are removed from their jobs and replaced

But it seems that Stirrup has already taken on a new role. The White House announced Thursday that it will be appointed as a member of the U.S. Air Force Academy Visitors Committee.

CNN reported in September that liaison officers would be replaced with officials who would report directly to the White House instead of seconded agencies, a move that will give the White House greater political enforcement power.

Previously, the liaisons worked with the White House Presidential Staff Office and the agencies they served, eventually reporting to the heads of the agencies. With this change, the connectors report directly to the White House instead. Liaison officers may be responsible for supporting the White House in placing policy appointments for agencies.

The change was made by John McEntee, head of the White House staff office, who struggled with agency officials over political appointments.