According to the AOC, in incentive negotiations, “we urgently need to try to achieve as much as possible”

Democrat CNN David Axelrod said in an episode of “The Ax Files” on Thursday that if they accept the package with limited help and Democrats do not win the January Senate election, they “have very much doubt of any willingness or appetite to work together. must work with a Biden administration to accept the then third bill. “

“I think as soon as I think about the moment Biden is inaugurated, we’re starting to hear from Republicans,‘ Oh, that’s all in the past. People are reopening their business. “I mean, they denied how bad it was when we were in full swing and in full swing,” he said. “And that, I think, also adds that we urgently need to try to achieve as much as possible, because if we don’t win in Georgia, we won’t promise a third bill, and even if we are able to deliver one, we don’t know how generous it will be.”

Congress leaders have indicated they are getting closer to an agreement, and while the details are ironed out, they are expected to include a new round of incentive controls, small business loans, and money for vaccine distribution. Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucasus urged leadership to include stimulus controls and unemployment resistance in the corona virus mitigation measure, and Ocasio-Cortez said not to vote for a bill that does not include.
Ocasio-Cortez, who previously said he thought there should be a “new leadership” within the Democratic Party, also told Axelrod he was open to vote for Speaker Nancy Pelosi for another term.

“I’m willing to vote for it as an option. And I think it’s important that we don’t just sell our votes,” he said. “I think when people talk about house politics – and I’m sure you’re okay, you know – and it’s not just a personality contest, is it? It’s an extremely, extremely hard job. And you have to deal with a whole with a body of representatives, some of whom have members who know they are very conservative. “