According to the CDC, no one can travel on cruise ships, which is another blow to the industry

Travelers warned US health executives not to go on a cruise because of 'very high' risk of coronavirus infection (Getty Images)
Travelers warned US health executives not to go on a cruise because of ‘very high’ risk of coronavirus infection (Getty Images)

U.S. health executives have warned travelers not to embark on cruise ships because of the “very high” risk of coronavirus infection.

The Centers for Disease Control raised its warning level a few weeks after lifting the months-long ban on cruise ships from U.S. ports.

According to the CDC, the warning also includes inland navigation and is valid worldwide.

And travelers with “increased risk of serious illness” were also warned to avoid cruises.

Anyone who gets on a boat should test themselves three to five days after the trip and lock themselves up at home for seven days, regardless of the outcome, the CDC says.

And it is advised that travelers who are not tested are isolated for 14 days.

Most major cruises have already canceled voyages by 2020, but there was hope they could get off to a serious start next year.

Despite the lifting of the “sailing ban” order at the end of October, cruise operators now have to go through detailed steps before resuming voyages.

These include crew testing and “simulated voyages” to test “real onboard travel conditions”.

Earlier this month, SeaDream 1 became the first ship to depart from a Caribbean port since the outbreak began.

Despite the pre-boarding tests, the ship was hit with seven positive tests after a passenger fell ill and had to return to Barbados.

This vessel was sailing outside U.S. waters and did not have to comply with CDC guidelines.

Despite the Royal Caribbean virus cruise, passengers were flooded with interest.

Michael Bayley, president and CEO of Royal Caribbean, said on Facebook that 100,000 people had registered an interest in a “cruise”.

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