According to the CEO of J&J, people can get annual recordings for the next few years

Alex Gorsky, President and CEO of Johnson & Johnson, is celebrating the 75th anniversary of his company on the New York Stock Exchange on September 17, 2019, on the floor.

Brendan McDermid | Reuters

People may need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 every year for the next few years, as well as seasonal flu vaccines, Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson & Johnson, told CNBC on Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, like [the virus] spread, it can also cause a mutation, “he told CNBC’s Meg Tirrell during a Healthy Returns Spotlight event.” Whenever it mutates, it is almost as if it is another click on the dial, if we could say that we can see another variant, another mutation that may affect the defense of antibodies or a different response, not only to therapy but also to vaccination. “

Public health officials and infectious disease experts say there is a high probability that Covid-19 will become an endemic disease, meaning it will always be present in communities, albeit probably at a lower level than it is now. Health officials need to keep an eye on new versions of the virus so scientists can produce vaccines to fight them, medical experts say.

Gorsky’s remark came after J&J said it had applied for emergency approval from the Food and Drug Administration for its coronavirus vaccine. Unlike Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which require two doses with a difference of about three to four weeks, J&Jk requires only one dose, making it easier for healthcare providers to logistics.

U.S. officials and Wall Street analysts are eagerly awaiting permission to vaccinate J&J, which could happen as early as this month. President Joe Biden is trying to speed up the pace of vaccinations in the United States, and experts say his administration will need a series of drugs and vaccinations to defeat the virus, which has killed more than 450,000 Americans last year. Johns Hopkins University.

The Department of Health and Human Affairs announced in August that it had entered into an agreement with Janssen, a pharmaceutical subsidiary of J&J, worth about $ 1 billion for 100 million doses of the vaccine. Under the agreement, the federal government will provide an opportunity to order an additional 200 million servings, according to the announcement.

Gorsky told CNBC that the company’s primary goal is to work with the FDA to obtain U.S. licensing. He said J&J is working at “full speed” on vaccine production, adding that the company is “extremely confident” that it will meet its goal of delivering 100 million doses of Covid vaccine to the United States by the end of June.

“We will live up to our commitments and at the same time do everything we can to accelerate production safely and efficiently,” he said, adding that people are “very much looking forward” to receiving a single shot against the virus.

J&J is also continuing to develop a two-dose coronavirus vaccine, Gorsky said. The company expects two-shot vaccination data from clinical trials in the second half of 2021.