According to the governor of Vermont, students are asked if they have attended large gatherings

Vermont Governor Phil Scott (R) said Tuesday that teachers and school staff are being instructed to create a system of honor to determine which students should be quarantined after Thanksgiving.

Educators are asked to ask students and parents if they attended multi-family gatherings during the fall break. All students who answer yes will be transferred to 14-day or 7-day distance learning and a negative COVID-19 test, Scott said at a morning news conference.

Scott suggested that companies follow the same policy with their employees.

“This is not a ban on circumvention or an excuse to get together,” Scott tweeted, referring to Vermont’s current coronavirus regulation, which prohibits social interactions between households. “The better we follow this policy, the faster we will lower the number of lowercase letters and ease the restrictions.”

The policy is implemented exclusively through a system of honor.

“Schools run a trust in parents and students, and we hope this guide will provide them with additional tools so everyone can do the right thing and keep the school safe,” Vermont Education Minister Dan French said at Burlington Free. Press.

The new regulation came about in the state of Green Mountain, which experienced the fewest COVID-19 cases during the pandemic, in recent weeks.