According to the GSA, the transition process can begin – as it did American news

Emily MurphyTrump’s appointee criticized his initial refusal to sign a letter giving Biden’s team access to government officials as well as office space, equipment and millions of dollars in funding.

In a letter to Joe Biden today, he tried to defend his actions. “To be clear, I was not instructed to delay my decision [on whether to begin the transition], “he said.” Contrary to media reports and insinuations, I made my decision not out of fear or favoritism. Instead, I firmly believe the statute requires the GSA administrator to determine and not impose a seemingly elected president. “

He also said he received online threats, by phone and letter, directed at my safety, my family, my co-workers, and even my pets in order to force me to make this decision ahead of time. Despite thousands of threats, I have always been committed to keeping the law.

However, he almost immediately contradicted his claim Donald Trumpwho tweeted, “In the interest of our country, I suggest that Emily and her team do what they need to do about the initial protocols, and I called on my team to do the same.”

Donald J. Trump

… fight and I think we will overcome! Nevertheless, for the sake of our country, I suggest that Emily and her team do the initial protocols and address my team to do the same.

November 23, 2020

Even if he fails to meet the legal challenges of his campaign and Trump’s attempts to persuade officials to block verification of election results, the president insisted, “Our case continues STRONGLY, we will continue to fight well … and I believe it will prevail ! “