Activists throw body bags behind Mitch McConnell (Lindsey Graham) home to protest congressional failure

Activists left body bags in front of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, protesting the failure of Congress to sign a second incentive agreement.

The activists were members of Spaces in Action and Shut Down DC, two groups that teamed up to create the displays.

Spaces in Action shared a video on Twitter of groups at work mentioning the estimated deaths of Americans who died in COVID-19 since the March pandemic.

“More than 270,000 are dead and @senatemajldr Mitch McConnell is still blocking the vote on COVID mitigation. The blood is on his hands and we joined @ ShutDown_DC this morning to bring the bodies to their doorstep,” reads in tweets.

In a later tweet, Spaces in Action shared a video of activists wearing body bags and multiple signage left in front of senators ’homes. “Senators led by Senate Majority Leader MOP McConnell have been blocking COVID relief approved by the House for months. More than 270,000 dead, more jobs lost, homes and small businesses, and they continue to play politics,” the tweet says. “Today, we’ve taken the bodies to their doorstep.”

Newsweek contacted Space in Action and Shut Down DC for comment, but received no response before posting.

The decision by activist groups to leave the body bags comes when Congress is struggling with repercussions because it has failed to reach another incentive agreement and the new corona virus continues to spread across the country.

Democrats and Republicans have not yet agreed on the terms of the second stimulus agreement, but many believe it will not be in line with the $ 2.2 trillion law on assistance to the coronavirus, assistance and economic security (CARES) signed in March. , which provided a $ 1,200 check to Americans.

Despite the fact that no new agreement could be reached, McConnell and Graham also stated that they thought another agreement should be reached.

Mitch McConnell Lindsey Graham
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) will arrive for a meeting with GOP senators at the Hart Senate office building on Capitol Hill on May 19, 2020 in Washington DC.
Drew Angerer / Getty

Speaking on the Senate floor on Monday, McConnell said, “There’s no reason – nothing – why we shouldn’t give away another big epidemic-reducing package to help the American people on the road that seems like the final chapters of the battle.”

In late October, Graham told WCNC News that his “number one goal” was “another stimulus package until we get vaccinated,” noting that the package would “be somewhere around $ 2 trillion,” that amount is closer to House Speaker Nancy. Pelosi’s bid compared to the GOP’s $ 500 billion proposal.

In addition to the omission of Congress, another group of bipartisan lawmakers announced another $ 908 billion plan on Tuesday. The plan includes support for states and localities, expanded unemployment insurance, and support for small businesses and student debt. However, it does not include another set of stimulus checks.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, announcing the proposal on Twitter, called on other lawmakers to “set aside politics and do our best for our country.”

“It is unforgivable to leave the city and we have no agreement. We can – and must – cooperate in a bipartisan way,” Manchin wrote in a later tweet. “This framework of the COVID-19 aid package is helping our small businesses, state and local governments, and hard-working Americans. It’s time to come together.”

Newsweek He turned to Graham and McConnell to comment, but did not receive a proper response to the publication.